Lazy Saturday…

Today – along with working on new designs for Quilt Market – I’m going to set aside an hour or two to work on this!
I’m going to use my favorite Ardco Templates and trace out a few 4″ finished size Lemoyne Star blocks – just because they are so cute!
While reading and marking a blog ages ago to “get back to” when I had time – I was browsing again this morning and read Taryn’s post again and got the “bug” to just stop and make a few of these beauties!
Here’s a pic of Taryn’s blocks from her blog!
Aren’t they cute!
Check out Taryn’s Blog here to read more about these cute little blocks!

Yesterday my daughter and I played around with dyeing Easter Eggs!  What fun!  Here’s a couple pictures of our creations:

 Our Tie-Dye egg creations
 A special egg just for Daddy!
And here are the marbelized eggs we experimented with!
In other news:
2 finished Dear Jane blocks.  The one on the left is a keeper – the one on the right – well, I’m going to soak it in water for a bit longer today, but if that supposed “washable” marker does not come out all the way – it’s going in the garbage!  What a disappointment!  Beware of the blue Crayola washable marker!  I decided to try them out after reading about them on another blog awhile back!  Well, that blue one is a real evil one – hopefully a good soaking will remove that bleeding and the rest of the markings!
Have a great Saturday!

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