I’d say 99% of the time that I spend designing new patterns I’m totally “into it” and raring to design the “next big thing”. But part of the reason I decided to stop selling fabric on my website at the beginning of this year and traveling and vending at all the quilt shows was so that I could have more “me” time. I’m sure you can understand that – we all have busy lives and from time to time we just want a few minutes to ourselves to be selfish and just say “enough of the world – its all about me.”

I’ve been really busy devoting almost 100% of my time lately to working on new projects to be introduced next month at quilt market and I’m having a blast doing it. But this afternoon I’m taking a little time for myself and pulled an old project out of its storage bin. Here she is:

This is a small quilt I hand pieced and started hand quilting probably three years ago. I had fun looking at all the bits and pieces of fabric and the pattern templates and all my little notes that were stored with her in her tote – quietly sitting on the shelf waiting to see daylight again. Well, I just feel like a mini break today for a couple hours to rejuvenate myself and this little quilt will get some of my attention today!

As well as this new magazine that just arrived in the mail today:

And I’m going to enjoy looking at these pretty flowers today while I stitch the day away. Thank you to my hubby and my neighbor for the “purty” flowers they surprised me with yesterday!

Then later this evening – ill jump back into market prep and start stitching on this new design:

And I know a friend of mine that is having a few struggles in her life is going to read this today. My dear friend I’m thinking of you today and hope that you will join me today and take time to smell the flowers around you – I know you have a beautiful yard filled with gorgeous flowers right now and a great swing out there too, that you can go sit down in and enjoy a little quiet time for yourself. I know also that you like to do a little hand stitching every now and then. So grab a project dear friend and go stitch for awhile! Life will get better! Remember – everything happens for a reason! Things will get better!

For the rest of my friends in blog land – I hope you have a great day and remember to indulge yourself in something just for yourself every now and then! What is your favorite way to relax?

And don’t forget – we are having a blog give away and will draw the winners name tomorrow! If you missed the blog post talking all about that – here’s the link and don’t forget to comment there to enter for the drawing!

And here is a quick pic I just snapped of Queen Bella taking a little afternoon nap! Isn’t she cute!

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  1. Good for you, taking a little while for yourself! We all need that sometimes. Love your cute little quilt, hope you finish it soon. Oh, check out the new June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting on page 16. They used a picture of my Two Piece Puzzle on the I Am a Quilter page. What fun! ! !


  2. Great post Tea and you're right. Everyone must take a little time for themselves to get a new perspective on things.When I want a break, I take a nap!


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