Surprises in store for you….

Are you curious what happens when you gather up 16 awesome quilt designers and toss them all together to create a “secret” project to introduce to Quilt Shops all over the USA and abroad, which in turn will bring a fabulous new Block Of The Month program to each of you – our valued customers and fellow quilt lovers?
Well, I’ve got another little sneak peek for you (I’m just so terrible for posting so many of these sneak peeks lately!!!  Ha Ha!!).  I’ve been busting at the “seams” now for months – not saying a word what we have been working on – long distance mind you – the 16 designers involved in this little surprise that will be unveiled in Kansas City for International Quilt Market in May 2012 are spread out all over the USA.  But thanks to our creative minds and talents – that didn’t matter.  
Are these cute – gorgeously put together little star blocks “peeking” your interest yet?
These little stars are part of the “secret” project that we will be unveiling on April 1st, 2012 on a very special little blog.
Oh, but I cannot help myself.  Stop back tomorrow and I’ll give you another small glimpse of what you will see starting this Sunday, April 1st!

6 thoughts on “Surprises in store for you….”

  1. Yes, I was having Blogger issues to with not being able to comment.But anyway, these blocks look great and I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for us tomorrow !!


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