Quilt Show Visit This Past Weekend!!!

I feel out of the loop after having a Sinus Infection-Cold that knocked my socks off!  This started in the evening on Saturday while I was teaching at the retreat – which by the way was a lot of fun!  I did not get home until almost 11 PM!
Here’s the pretty building I was at:
Anyway, I still have a mild headache behind my eyes from this sinus yuckiness and I’m slightly stuffed up.  All this crud didn’t stop me from going to a quilt show this past Sunday!  My quilt guild, The Pride Of The Prairie Quilters had their Bi-Annual quilt show this past Saturday and Sunday and it was excellent as usual!
I’ll be doing a few slide shows for you from the quilts that I took pictures of.  First up today is the Dear Jane quilt that was on display. This was pieced by Sue Schwegler and quilted by Julie Karlak. This beauty received a well deserved 2nd place ribbon also!
And of course since I am so infatuated with making my own Dear Jane – I had to really study each of the blocks and the quilting!  I took several close up shots of the quilt – that way in the future when it’s finished, I can make a few suggestions to “whomever” gets to quilt it!
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Here are a few and down at the bottom of this post is a slideshow presentation for you!
Here’s the Slideshow:
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I’m off to take some hand stitching outside on my deck and enjoy the warmth and sunshine!  Hopefully the fresh air will help perk me up a bit!

5 thoughts on “Quilt Show Visit This Past Weekend!!!”

  1. Great slideshow, really enjoyed it!! I really will have to make a start on my own DJ, it really is magical and I never get tired of seeing all the different versions/interpretations of it!!!!


  2. Beautiful display of quilts, Tara. Sure do hope your sinus issues go away. This gorgeous weather has got to help….and chicken noodle soup 😉


  3. Snap Tara! Opposite sides of the world and we have from the sounds of it very similar sinus yucky stuff. Boo hoo. Love the dear jane isn't the choice of fabric fantastic 🙂 I really need to finish mine.


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