Getting ready for the Retreat and Dear Jane!!!

Last night was my monthly Dear Jane Club meeting – I really look forward to this every month!  Great group of gals and it’s fun to get out and be among people too (I work from home and love to stay at home most of the time!).  Weekly trips to the grocery store and running the “Mom Taxi” gets a little old sometimes – so when Dear Jane night comes around, I’m clicking my heals and firing up the SUV to get to club!
Here are some of my yummy new fabric acquisitions from last night:
All of these fabrics can be purchased from The Quilt Merchant – better hurry though – of few of these are getting low in stock and they are definitely pieces that your stash are needing!
Sadly, the past two weeks, Dear Jane and I have not played much as I’ve been working as much as possible on getting ready for Quilt Market.  Here’s the single lonely block I’ve completed:
G-3 Four Leaf Clover
It was a fun one and my fingers are itching to do more, but alas – I’ve been playing with this pile of wool:
I’ve lost half my cutting counter space due to this pile of wool goodness – but – it’s all good!
Here is one of three projects I cut and arranged yesterday!
Today – I’m in full-fledged packing and preparing mode, because tomorrow I get to spend the day with about 25 soon to be friends!  25 wonderful quilters that I will be teaching this project too – 
Thanks to Pieceful Gatherings Quilt Shop for inviting me up to teach at your retreat – I look forward to meeting each of your retreaters tomorrow!  We are in for a good time!
If you are interested in purchasing the pattern for the project you see above, it is pattern #409 and is called Pieceful Gatherings.  This pattern is available exclusively through Pieceful Gatherings Quilt Shop from now until May 2012.  After mid-May 2012 you will find this pattern on our website and in your local quilt shop!

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