Drawing and Doodling!

I was able to get this new design all stitched up this past weekend!  Now I have to decide on how to quilt it?   I really do not have time to hand quilt it, but I really want to!  I’m stumped – so if you have suggestions on what quilting designs or motifs I should do or ask a longarm quilter to do – leave a comment!
Yesterday I spent the day drawing and designing new projects!  Ah yes – pure bliss.  And so far today – it’s looking like I’m going to spend the day doing much of the same as yesterday.  When inspiration strikes – take advantage of it – that’s my motto!
So after a full day of drawing and doodling, this is how my sewing room looks this morning when I walked into it! (be warned – it’s starting to look like a tornado hit it!)
The pile of large notepads, Lite Steam A Seam 2 scraps and graph paper on my sewing table.

This is my cutting table with my light box (new design on top that I finished up yesterday evening!) and a bunch of tools laying nearby.  Of course my phone is handy and as always – a can of Diet Coke is within reach!

My pressing table holds all of yesterdays drawings (13 completed!) and to the right is all of my cardboard, vinyl and plastic templates I created!

This smaller cutting counter holds all my garbage – big stack of rejects and scraps of discarded paper!
And I’m sure the mess will get even worse today!  But who cares – I’m having fun!
The baby shower went off perfectly this past Sunday.  Here is the soon to be Mommy holding her quilt that I made for her.  This baby shower was so much fun to help with, but boy was I tired when I got home Sunday evening!  Geez – babies are a lot of work!
Here’s the soon to be Mommy and Daddy – are they not cute!
And today I leave you with this picture.  I posted it on FaceBook yesterday after laughing hysterically when I first saw it.  Remember – laughter is the best medicine!

5 thoughts on “Drawing and Doodling!”

  1. I love this new design! I'll have to make it too. It would look great on the wall in my studio! I think maybe I'd quilt the stars in the ditch from point to point to make a 2nd star design and echo stitch the wool appliques. Can't wait to see what you decide.


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