Moving Right Along!

It was so wonderful having a three day weekend!  I was able to finish up the little star blocks I needed for my next quilt pattern design.  
The foundation blocks are all prepped and ready for a little wool applique and today I’ll draw out the final details of those blocks, prep the templates and wool and begin to hand stitch those later this evening if all goes well!
I forgot to do an update last week on my Dear Jane block progress!
Seven more blocks completed.  Now I need to prep a few more DJ blocks so I can keep moving smoothly through assembling them!
I also jumped on the band wagon and removed the dreaded “two word verification” that blogger has imposed.  So far, everything is working fine, but I have been getting a lot of spam comments which I’ve easily deleted since I use comment approval through email.  Still – the spam comments are coming through on a daily basis and I get between 2 and 14 spam comments a day so far since I removed the word verification last week!  Ugghhh, I dislike spammers!
Have an awesome day!

8 thoughts on “Moving Right Along!”

  1. Hi Tara! Those star blocks look awesome and so do your Dear Jane blocks. I wish I had a Dear Jane group to attend so that I could keep motivated on mine. These are so pretty.I don't use the word verification on my blog either and haven't for a long time, but never get spam. I am wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I don't allow search engines to search my blog. Anyway, that new word verification is something else, isn't it? It usually takes me a couple of tries to get it right! LOLHappy stitching!Sue


  2. Looking forward to seeing the pattern for these cute stars. Looks awesome. I don't have a blog but I sure get a lot of spam in my email account. What a nuisance. Have a wonderful day. I am off to handwork group today stitching wool.


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