Second Hand Rose Finished!

I have so many projects around here in different phases of completion.  Assorted blocks, assorted quilt tops, some quilt tops that are quilted and just need binding – you get the picture.
Yesterday I worked on a few Dear Jane blocks, quilted the baby quilt I’m working on a little more, chose fabrics for more upcoming new designs, went to lunch with girlfriends and finally – got the binding on one of my little quilts.
This is Second Hand Rose.  The pattern can be found in the Remembrances book by Jo Morton. The picture above of my finished quilt looks a little wonky – but it’s perfectly squared – I just didn’t straighten it out on my design wall as well as I should have!
This was the very first kit I have ever bought.  I purchased it about 3 years ago, swapped out a few of the fabrics in the kit for something from my stash because the provided fabrics were just not “doing it” for me.  I pieced the quilt top a year after purchasing the kit.  It sat here for another year until I sent it off to the long arm quilter.  Sat here for awhile longer because I wished more quilting would have been done on the quilt then what I ended up receiving and was just frustrated with it – then I decided to tea stain the center of the quilt because the fabric (from the kit) was so glaringly white compared to the other fabrics (I should have swapped that out too – but now with the tea staining – it’s perfectly fine!)  It sat awhile longer and finally yesterday was the day for binding.  
And now it’s done.  It’s ready to be hung on my living room wall.
Here’s a close up of a few of the fabrics:
Today, I’m working in a bad rush to beat the postal pick up today.  I need to finish the final drawings on one of my new patterns and get it in the mail to the printer – Today!  It’s a quick turn around job for them and thankfully they are “squeezing” me in so I can meet my deadlines!
After that – I’ll be quilting that baby quilt some more and hopefully finish it soon!

5 thoughts on “Second Hand Rose Finished!”

  1. That is a beautiful little quilt, will have to check out that book. Want to make something with the fabric Barbara gave me, so looking at patterns that I can handle and make for my bed.Debbie


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