Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to each of you!
Yesterday after posting about this beautiful quilt that by Great Aunt gifted to me:
I started thinking back to a few years ago when she first showed me this quilt.  I was utterly consumed with this quilt and so amused and delighted with it – that I went back to her house twice that day to take more pictures and measurements so that I could draft the pattern. And do you know – she still remembers that day and that is how she decided upon this quilt to send to me.  She remembered how much I loved it!
My memory was also jolted a bit yesterday into remembering that this quilt pattern used for this exact quilt was originally given to my Great Aunt and my Grandmother by my Great Grandmother Juliana!  How neat!
Anyhow – here is a link to the post where I first spoke about this quilt in April, 2010!
Last night, I went on a mad search through my quilting cupboard to locate the sample I sewed up two years ago after returning from my visit to see family.  That’s how intrigued I was with this quilt! This original quilt that I now proudly own is a bit smaller in the finished product than a pattern I found for it in a printed publication – but you still get the same over all effect with slightly larger pieces!
I have located the pattern for this quilt that was originally published in one of the Aunt Martha’s publications, If you would like to order the booklet – or search for it in your stash of quilting patterns – it was printed in Issue #3230 titled Aunt Martha’s Favorite Quilts and is located on page 12.  You can order this booklet that is still in print on the Aunt Martha’s website!

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