I’m Crying Like A Newborn Baby Today!! (In A Good Way!)

Oh my!
Many of you that follow my blog may remember me speaking in the past of my dear sweet Great Aunt Columbia Jane.  That woman has gone and put me in tears today – in a good way though!
Last week a cousin of mine FaceBooked me a private message and told me to be on the lookout for a package from my Great Aunt.
It arrived today.
Here’s the next phase of opening my package – this is where the tears started to flow.  I knew I was receiving a quilt at this point and the letter enclosed was so precious and will soon be framed and hung in my sewing room.
At this point I’m crying and shaking because I’m so excited.  I can hardly stand the anticipation, but I continue slowly unfolding the quilt to enjoy this thrill and take photos for you!
Look at this incredible backing and the wonderfully delightful hand quilting!
And here is the quilt!
Here is a close up for you!
And of course a picture of Bella – she had to inspect the quilt herself!
Oh dear sweet Great Aunt of mine – you made my day!  I had not intended on blogging today because I’m buried under a pile of paper work and I’m writing pattern instructions today, – but in the back of my mind I kept nagging at myself to blog about something!!!  This surprise is very much welcomed to my day today!  It was so wonderful to take a mini break to go upstairs to check to see if the mail had been delivered and see this delightful box waiting for me on my front steps.
I was like a kid in a candy store opening it up. I wish my kids would have been home to take pictures of me during each step of me opening this box, because you all would have gotten a good laugh out of it – I was jumping up and down, crying, shaking – you name it – I did it all!
Now, I will continue my day, wrapped in my warm and wonderful quilt in my freezing cold basement office, happily typing away on my computer and writing these pattern instructions with a big huge grin on my face!
Love you Great Aunt Columbia Jane – you are such a treasure to me and our family!

9 thoughts on “I’m Crying Like A Newborn Baby Today!! (In A Good Way!)”

  1. What a sweet post!! I am so excited for you to have received that gorgeous guilt from your Great Aunt, surprises like this one are what turn ok days into extraordinary ones! Thank you so much for sharing this exciting moment with all of us here in blog land!


  2. What a wonderful surprise! I'm sure your great aunt was watch over you and enjoying your joy just as much. You just never know when something wonderful is going to happen.


  3. What a lovely post Tara! How wonderful to have a quilt made by your Great Aunt, a real treasure to keep! By the looks of it, so many tiny pieces handsewn together, a great heirloom!!!!


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