Yummy Fabrics and We Need Your Help!

Look at the goodies I picked up last night at the quilt shop!
I had my Dear Jane club meeting yesterday evening and really enjoyed my time with the ladies!  It’s so much fun getting together with others that have “like” interests!  We were given a demo on paper piecing – always a good thing to watch and learn all the tips and tricks with that!  I’m not a big fan of paper piecing, but I’m determined to continue to learn and use that technique in my own Dear Jane Quilt! We were also able to view the selected blocks and the samples for the upcoming month!  Yippee!
Now, back to the fabrics I purchased shown above – are these not gorgeous!  The first three fabrics from the left are from the Prairie Crossings fabric line by Julie Hendrickson for Windham.  The two fabrics on the right are from the Bridgeport fabric line by Jo Morton for Andover.  The quilt shop received complete collections of both these fabric lines – so if you are searching for these beauties, be sure and visit www.thequiltmerchant.com   I’m not sure if either of these fabric lines have been uploaded to their website or not – but they do have them – just give them a call – they ship!  The Prairie Crossings fabric line has some yummy cheddar’s in it and I’m thinking I might be regretting not getting those last night too!
Now, I need your help today.  I’ve had two requests in the past few days for a little help and both of these items have me on a mad search to help these ladies.
See the pretty blue fabric with the tan dots and the white flowers above?  Does anyone recall what fabric line this is?  Who the designer is?  Or even the manufacturer? I posted this help request on FaceBook also and I’m pretty sure I agree with the fact that it is a Judy Rothermel fabric.  I’m digging in my stash today again to see if I can find any.  A fellow quilter is in need of more of this fabric – so any help at all would be appreciated!  Help!!!
Do you recognize this pattern?  A fellow quilter is searching for this pattern.  If you click on the photo and enlarge it, this quilt appears to have Drunkards Patch blocks and also larger blocks with just a simple circle centered on them.  I’ve searched through a few of my resources so far but have come up empty handed.  
Any help on either of these issues is much appreciated!  And of course if we get the answers to any of these “searches” I’ll post about it on my blog so we can all find more of that gorgeous blue fabric and this pretty quilt pattern!  Leave a comment or email me – works good both ways!
Thanks for the tips on EQ yesterday.  I received a few comments and several emails.  Looks like classes on Quilt University.com are a popular source and also – thanks to a local quilter friend – there is an EQ class coming up in my area with Barb Vlack!
Have a great day!!

7 thoughts on “Yummy Fabrics and We Need Your Help!”

  1. Good morning,LOVE your new brown fabrics.The blue fabric that you showed needing identified,the piece I have, has on the selvage \”Vintage Treasures\” quilt block of the month 2004) Hope this helps!!!Have a great day.


  2. Love the new fabrics, I have seen lots of browns that I like, this year. Need to take a ride up north and hit the stores, ours is always behind on fabrics and doesn't carry all of them. I don't recognize the fabric and i have a lot of old stash, so no help there.Debbie


  3. I do remember the blue fabric, not sure of the manufacturer, it is a Rothermel, I got it around 2000-2002, it is very early, around the time I started getting interested in CW repros. I don't have any left, as I used what I had all that time ago.Re: the Drunkards Path pattern, I haven't seen that before!Your new browns are quite delicious, thankyou for the link, I will check them out!!


  4. Did you find the blue fabric? I did a BOM quilt from JoAnn's a few years ago and that was the focus fabric. I have a king size quilt made with that fabric on the border. You might check JoAnn's. Sometimes the old stuff hangs around for awhile.


  5. Lovely quilts. The red and brown quilt is just Drunkard Path blocks. The way you join them determines how they look. The big circles you mention are just where the four blocks have been joined with all the wedges meeting in the centre. So the quilt is a very easy one to work out the pattern. Hope this helps.


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