Freebie Friday Feathered Star Quilt Block Pattern

I have had a lot of requests for this quilt block;
This is the Feathered Star that we use as our logo on our website and on our pattern covers.  I hand pieced my sample:
Hand piecing is what I recommend for this quilt block to avoid cutting many “odd” sizes that most rotary cutting rulers do not have on them.  Also I like set in seams when I hand piece them – it goes quicker!!!!
You can visit the following link on our website to download the files for this quilt block. I have posted a “basic” information sheet, the template files and the rotary cutting diagram files!
(Gee – 3 blog posts in one day!  I’m on a roll – but I promise, this is the last one for today.  I’m going to sew now and enjoy some quiet time with a cup of java!  Have a wonderful weekend!)

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