Joining The Crowd

Well, after a friend suggested I order this book, I did!
And after reading my favorite blogs this morning – I can tell I’m in good company with this book!  I read two other blogs this morning alone that were talking about this book and for good reason!  This book is awesome – lots of eye candy and good reading!
Also, this is another book that just arrived and I’m in love!
This book was recommended to me by a Quilt Shop owner and friend.  Well worth the purchase, the projects and graphics are phenomenal!
Also after reading in some of my favorite quilting forums this morning, I found this new blog!
So click on over to her blog and welcome her to blog land!  It looks like a great blog to follow!
Yesterday evening I finished up two more Dear Jane blocks:
E-5 Rising Sun
F-8 Church Window
Have an awesome day – I hope you get many things accomplished!

4 thoughts on “Joining The Crowd”

  1. I've been seeing the Amish book too. I have the other one and it is really wonderful.Thanks also for sharing the other blog. That gal works on some awesome stuff!


  2. I have also seen the Amish book mentioned numerous times on blogs. It looks like a great book. I will have to check it out. Glad no one was hurt in the accident. Have a good day.


  3. I want to make some amish quilts, maybe a mini one to start to practice some stitching on. They are finally doing my sewing side of the house, so once they are done with the siding, I can put my things back on the wall and get back to sewing.Debbie


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