Just a blahhhh day!

I’m working on some of my Dear Jane blocks today.  The day started and I was in some kind of funk, but I’m slowly working my way out of it.  I came down to my sewing room this morning and just could not for the life of me decide what to work on, so I started cleaning a bit.  One of my cutting counters was just piled high with “stuff” so I attacked that area with a vengeance.  Still couldn’t decide what to do with my day, even though Quilt Market is looming in the back of my mind, so I started ironing scraps of fabric.
I’ve moved onto making this block next:
It’s going together pretty easily so far.
I think part of the reason I’m in such a funk today is because I did not sleep much last night between a child coming down with a cold, another with “growing pains” in his leg and not sleeping well and because of this:
Someone hit my husband last night while he was driving to work on a major highway at top speed.  We were both pretty upset, but thankful no one was hurt and again thankful that both parties involved are insured.  The other driver was found to be at fault and the damages will be taken care of.  Still, its disappointing to no that we will be without my husbands work truck for awhile as it goes in for repairs – rental car here we come.  I guess it’s disappointing too because we both work so hard for the things we’ve got and proud that both our vehicles are paid for and now one is damaged and the other driver involved just seemed to want to throw the blame around and not be responsible.  It always seems like when a vehicle goes in for cosmetic damages – they never come out the same.  Oh well, it can be fixed and life will move on! Thankfully, it’s not totaled and everyone walked away.
I let the stress of the situation get the best of me last night and now I’m paying the price – no sleep, upset stomach, headache – the works!  I’m telling you, stress is a nasty thing and I need to learn to not let it happen. 
I think I feel a nap calling my name very soon today!
Yesterday, I was also able to finish piecing the baby quilt and now it needs to be quilted.  I’ll just do some simple quilting on this one and get it wrapped up for the baby shower! I’ve got the backing fabric pieced and the batting is tumbling in the dryer for a bit, working those wrinkles out.  That’s one thing I don’t care for when I buy a packaged batting – but it’s what I had on hand, so I’m using it!
Here’s the baby quilt so far:
I hope you have a wonderful day today!

6 thoughts on “Just a blahhhh day!”

  1. Yep….your last little button with \”The most important things in life aren't things!\” is so true! Your hubby is unhurt (if not a little shaken!), and a car is just a car, unless you're driving a Rolls! lolYour baby quilt is sweet!Count your blessings, and have a good nap! :o)


  2. Gosh, Tara. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's truck but thankful no one was hurt.I hear ya on the funk thing. I've been in one since last week. And sleep is a lot to blame here too…or lack of sleep. I'm good with the idea of a nap.At least you were able to accomplish some things in your sewing room. It always helps me to clean things up a bit before I start again making messes :)Take care,Sue


  3. I bet you will feel like a new person once you get that nap. It amazing how down being tired can get you. You are really lucky that fault was established in the accident and the driver has insurance. I work in an area where neither is often the case. Once I was hit by an undocumented driver and a second time by one who tried to claim it was my fault. My insurance company wound up tracking down the first one and a good samaritan witness saved the day for me with the second one who I call a big fat liar. So, I can certainly understand your stress. Thankfully, your husband is a-ok and I bet the truck gets fixed just fine. Love the DJ triangle. Nothing like a little red to pick you up.


  4. Any incident on the road no matter how small can be very upsetting and really throw you – glad to hear no one was injured and that the insurance side of things will be taken care of! Love your DJ block, and baby quilt! Hope you get your funk back soon!


  5. You're right the most important things are not things. I'm glad your husband wasn't injured and the truck can be repaired. Just keep focused on the positive.


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