It’s finished! Now I need a name!

Well – It’s all finished and ready to be shipped to the long arm quilter tomorrow!  I need a name though!  Any suggestions?  I thought about calling it Pieceful Gatherings in honor of the quilt shop that asked me to design a project and teach for their retreat!!!
What fun this has been.  I’m ready to start another project I’m so pumped and excited right now!
Here’s a close up:
This design will be ready and in pattern form for ordering later this month. Pieceful Gatherings Quilt Shop will sell the patterns and kits exclusively through May 2012.  After that, you will find the pattern on our website and in your local quilt shops (and probably kits too)!!!!
Have a great day everyone!!!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s finished! Now I need a name!”

  1. Oh it's beautiful, Tara. I can't wait to order mine. I love the birds on this!!That's a good idea to name it in honor of the quilt shop. Plus, the name fits the design. It really does.


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