Hand Quilting Time Yesterday!!!

Yesterday evening after I finished stitching the center wool applique for the upcoming retreat I spoke about yesterday, I took a notion to hand quilt.
Lucky for me, I have three hand quilting projects in the works right now.  Two small quilts and one medium size quilt.  I chose to work on the one picture above.  This has been a project in the works for probably about 3 years now and will probably be displayed in my living room or bedroom when I complete it.  This quilt has traveled with me to different quilt shows in central Illinois, Columbus, Ohio, Houston, Texas and Knoxville, Tennessee.  So needless to say it’s a well traveled quilt for not even being finished yet.
I was a little upset with myself when I pulled this project out if it’s storage container.  Usually I’m really good about storing all the supplies I’ve used or am using with a project.  Well, this time I did not keep the matching threads with this project.  So I had to go scavenging around hunting up the thread colors I needed.  Luckily – I found each of the four colors!  Thank goodness!
An interesting question came up on my FaceBook page yesterday.  Someone commented and asked “How do you keep your stitches so perfect?”  The answer – I do not.  My stitches are not perfect.  I do not set out to hand quilt – or do anything for that matter – with the intention of absolute perfectionism.  I quilt for my own pleasure and satisfaction and for my business.  If what I do pleases me, I’m fine with that and never feel the need to please anyone else or to act like I’m perfect and “no it all” in any way.  I’m constantly learning and re-learning.  I will never know everything, nor do I desire too.  I like the models for my pattern designs of course to look as great as I possibly can get them, but to worry over teeny tiny little things, I just let it go.
For example….
The Dear Jane quilt.  Here are some of the blocks I’ve recently finished.  Each of the above blocks are not perfect and each has their own issues. Paper piecing and I do not like each other at all.  I will continue to learn the finer points of how to paper piece and not let it get the best of me.  I will be re-doing one of the blocks pictured above – because it is really bothering me.  After I finished the center purple and cream block, I’ve decided to tack that one up on the “do over” board.  I will re-do that block hand piecing everything first and then applique those center melons on last.  My spacing on that one for the center of the block was very off and it is not sitting well with me at all.  The other 3 – though they have minor imperfections – I’m ok with it. 
That’s just how I roll……
Today, I’m piecing the outer borders for the wool applique project for the upcoming retreat project!!!

11 thoughts on “Hand Quilting Time Yesterday!!!”

  1. Your quilt is gorgeous with those colors and I think your quilting is quite lovely.I'm with you though. I set out to enjoy my quilting and because I don't live in a perfect world, I am not completely consumed with making everything I work on perfect. To me, that would take the fun out of it and I probably would give it up:) I quilt for pure enjoyment .


  2. I am told that the secret to good quilting is to get your stitches fairly even and it doesn't matter about the size of them. No matter how I try my stitches always come out roughly the same size so now I have given up on trying to make them smaller and just enjoy the process. After all it should be a pleasure. Your quilting looks mighty good to me. I probably would change a block if I wasn't totally happy with it but sometimes it is best to just let it be. At least that is a few more blocks made towards your goal and again they look good to me.


  3. I like the grid you quilted in your Amish quilt in the corners. My quilting stitches used to be better when I was younger. Now I have trifocals and old fingers! And if I get a bigger stitch than I like, I leave it…………that was the stitch I made at that time on that day and I ain't picking it out. Tee hee!


  4. Gorgeous quilting! I'm with you on the perfect thing – too much to do to worry about it! BTW, thanks for the quilting design books you recommended a few posts back. I purchased three of them on a whim and I'm so happy I did.


  5. My first love ever, was Amish quilts!!, so when I saw yours on this post, it was love at first sight!!! Your handquilting on this small quilt is just beautiful, great colour mix!I'm not perfect either, far from it, I just do my best and enjoy the process!!!!


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