Sneak Peak Time!

I have been quietly working on a very special project for a retreat I will be teaching at next month.  Well, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak now, as the quilt shop that is sponsoring this retreat has recently released their most current newsletter with a photo of the center of my project.
So here it is:
This is the wool applique center of the “yet to be named” project for the retreat sponsored by Pieceful Gatherings Quilt Shop in Fox River Grove, Illinois.  Feel free to visit their website for further information on the retreat.  Call them today if you are in our area and sign up to join us on this fun weekend in March!
I’m in the final stages of stitching this center wool applique.  The outer borders will be assorted scraps of fabric that will highlight the colors in the center.
This pattern will be available exclusively through Pieceful Gatherings Quilt Shop from mid March through May 2012 only.  After that, the pattern will be available in your local quilt shops and on our website.  We wanted to make this a very special project for Pieceful Gatherings and that is why we have chosen not to introduce this design to the mass quilt market until it’s grand “second” debut at Quilt Market in Kansas City, Missouri this year!
Here is an excerpt from the newsletter:
“Doesn’t it look great so far? I love it! Tara will be teaching this small project at our retreat on Saturday. This is a picture of the center before it was stitched down. It will also have a pieced border around it. Tara did her center with wool appliqué and we will have kits like hers, but regular appliqué would also be a lovely option for this beautiful wall hanging, and we can probably substitute a pieced center for the appliqaphobes. There are still a couple of spots left if you want to join us for the retreat in March. It’s sure to be a fun time.” 

Pieceful Retreat Repeat
March 9-11, 2012
Loyola Retreat Center in Woodstock
Guest Teacher:
Tara Lynn Darr of Sew Unique Creations
Register Now! 
$280 Double Occupancy or $320 for a Single.  Includes all Meals, Room, Instructor and FUN!
$50.00 Non-Refundable Deposit required to hold your spot.  Spaces are limited, so don’t wait too long to sign up!
Balance Due January 31

Enjoy your day!  My dear husband has jury duty this week and it appears to be wrecking havoc on my normal “quiet time” and schedule!  He has to call in daily to find out what to do – I’m a bit flustered with this because now he has to miss a full weeks worth of work to be “on call”.  This just stinks – a week of vacation pay is really going to mess with our family budget – and yes I’m thankful we at least get vacation pay – but come on – I cannot believe that our lives have to be put on hold for an entire week of calling in for jury duty???  Somethings wrong with our system, how do people survive?  Anyhow – that’s a whole other can of beans I just do not wish to open right now!

I may not post as much this week – but I’ll be happily stitching away and finishing up this wool project!

7 thoughts on “Sneak Peak Time!”

  1. Oh it's gorgeous, Tara. Well, you know I love wool. It makes my heart sing!I so wish I could come to the retreat, but will anxiously be awaiting when I can purchase it from your site! It's a keeper!!


  2. Love it. Unfortunately, I live too far to attend your retreat. Some day though. About the jury duty thing, my husband is a truck driver also and the last time he was called for jury duty he showed up and explained that he \”couldn't afford\” to not work and not get paid for a whole week and they let him off. I suppose all states/counties are different, Good luck:)


  3. The applique centre is just gorgeous!!! I'm only sorry I live on the other side of the world! All the best for the retreat, I hope you post lots of pics of your weekend of sewing!!!


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