Red & White Spider Web quilt is finished!!

Here it is all finished and our Dog Harley is showing no interest at all (he’s lying on his bed in the upper right corner) – but Bella was in on the action again!  She was actually yawning in this picture but it looks as if she is sticking her tongue out at the camera!
Here she is again – she was really trying to model for me today!
And again…
Now – tonight I’m heading to Dear Jane club!!!  Yes – I’m so excited.  I started pulling some of my blocks today that are prepped and ready to go!
After I realized how many quilt tops I have waiting to be quilted by a long arm quilter. I decided I better get a second job. So if you see me on the streets like this:
Please have mercy on me and donate to the cause!
Have a great day!

13 thoughts on “Red & White Spider Web quilt is finished!!”

  1. Oh my! The red/white spider web is looking awesome!! Great job! I love it!!!Seeing your preps for your DJ, is the kick in the butt I need to stop procrastinating and start mine too LOL! I need to formulate a plan and start printing off the patterns. I hope you will post encouragements (little nudges!!) now and again, I will be following with great interest!!!


  2. how wonderful it looks!!!!of course now I want to make one too!are you going to leave the borders just like that?wow that will be interesting to bind :)Bella just loves fabric!have fun at the DJ club happy for you that you get to go!Kathie


  3. I can identify with that cartoon. Who needs designer handbags when you can have fabric and make something even more unique. Love the new quilt top. The book I ordered came ysterday and already I am wanting to start at least 3 from it. Not sure if you are going to be a good influence or a bad one. Better save me some space and I will come begging with you.


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