New Project off to a great start!

Just a quickie post this morning, I’m off to the doctor for more blood work.  Checking my thyroid levels and assorted other on going issues.  Drats – I’d rather stay home and sew!
Yesterday I worked more on this project:
So far, I think it’s coming along nicely.
I’m thinking about using this red and cream toile fabric along the side edges of the quilt and as a final border.  Not completely sold on it yet, What do you think?  I’ve also though about just leaving the pointed right and left sides of the quilt as they are and binding the edges that way – not straightening anything out.  I’ll have to sew some of the rows together and play around with it before I decide!
Here’s a little inspiration for you:
This is a little quilt I have hanging in the hallway between my sewing room and my office!  So cute!  I won this little gem at an auction last year when I visited Shipshewana during the quilt show there!
Have an awesome day today!

9 thoughts on “New Project off to a great start!”

  1. Hope the blood work gives you some answers. I am not crazy about the toile with your very graphic spider webs. I do like your idea of leaving the points and binding it that way.


  2. What a striking red and white quilt. I love toile, but I am sort of luke warm with this quilt. maybe your quilt doesn't need borders, just a thought. Hope the doctor's appt. goes well.


  3. You're really on a roll, Tara! This one is so pretty too. Love those reds. I love the toile.Good luck with your blood work and I pray everything will be okay for you.


  4. You have been an overachiever all this month! I am so happy that your hands have been well enough to allow you the pleasure! And I'm a bit Jealous. This one is just outstanding! Love Love it.


  5. I have thyroid issues too. Been dealing with it for years, finally got off synthroid and onto Armour. Sure wish they would have done that 15 years ago. I have all my energy back again. As for the red and white quilt, I would leave the sides follow the blocks and bind it like that, just make sure you use bias binding.


  6. Love love love this one!…the fabrics are perfect! I also love the idea of leaving the edges angled….to me it highlights the piecing….whic is so beautifully done


  7. I actually love your idea of having the angled/pointed border, it would create a lot of visual interest and add a unique look to the quilt!!! Good luck with your drs appointment!


  8. LOVE the way this is coming out! so graphicI wouldn't use the toile with this quiltit needs a darker border in mhosave that toile!!!! hope your dr appt went well…boy your really on a roll in your sewing roomKathie


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