2 Finishes This Week!!!!

I am having sew much fun in my sewing room this week!
I finished this yesterday:
This is Weaving The Rails and is designed by Kathie Holland of Inspired By Antiques Quilts Blog !

Here’s a picture of Bella again – she says to tell you all hello!

Sometimes friends come into your life by surprise.  I’m glad to have a really good internet friend who can make me smile with just a simple text, email or comment on my blog.  We’ve never met in person, have only talked on the phone one time – but we hope to rectify that and meet some day!    What a treasure she is to me,  she has helped me work through some dark and depressing moments, inspired me to sew, created excitement in me when I was feeling low and is just an over all kind and sweet person. This person suggested a little something to add to those blocks in this quilt that I talked about the other day – you know the ones with the same fabric located in the same position in the same row!  Here’s a reminder:

Here’s what she suggest via text and I jumped on the idea!

Words that mean something to me written on each of the strips!

When life gives you scraps…… make a quilt!

Family, Friends, Love and Peace – 4 words that mean a lot to me

New Beginnings 2012.  This one is important to me also, as this year will be a year of many new things for me and also getting back to what I truly love to do – designing and playing with fabrics.

I also started working on this project yesterday:

This project was inspired by Keryn of the blog titled “Quilting Twin”.  She’s working on her scraps and trying to bust them a little.  After working on my scrappy rail fence quilt, I realized I had a bunch of leftovers.  I trimmed all the leftover rail fence bits and pieces to 4″ wide and then cut the other fabric to 6″ wide strips and started going to town after I realized Keryn’s project would be the perfect thing for me to do also to help finish up those extra bits and pieces! This will be a work in progress and might take me a bit to finish as I’ll probably have to piece more 1 1/2″ wide strips together!  Thanks Keryn!

I’m also piecing 2 1/2″ strips together to work on this scrappy project:

Spider Web blocks – this should be a blast to work on and it will really put a dent in all my white, cream and red scraps!

Here’s a sneak peek at an up and coming project I’m working on.  I’ll be teaching in March at a retreat and I’m working on a special wool project just for them!  This weekend I’ll be hand stitching this also!

Yesterday we received a whopper of a storm here.  So after trying to clean up the driveway and sidewalks a bit, we decided it was time for a little fun!

Now granted, after using the snow-blower twice yesterday and realizing that the vibration in the handles was making my hands ache a little – I decided not to play on the quad in the snow.  The vibration from the handles on that Quad machine would have probably aggravated my recovery from carpal tunnel surgeries, so I played photographer instead and baked a few Chocolate Chip Cookies for the riders when they were done playing.  I’ll be back to riding my Quad this summer, now it’s time for me to continue healing so I’m back to 100%!

Here’s a few other snow pictures from this morning:

Picture of the snow on my deck rail.  From my measurements – we received well over the 3″ to 6″ predicted.  More like 8″ if my calculations are correct!

A photo across the fence in our back yard – I love this neighbors shed – I really want one like this!  So old fashioned looking!  Would look great in my yard!

And now I need to get ready for our busy weekend.  We have a birthday party this evening and I am baking the cake!  A triple layer chocolate cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting!  I’ll take pictures to share, if I remember!

Here’s a picture of my Grandma quilting.  This is the only picture that I’m aware of that exists of my Grandma at her quilt frame.  The quilt she is working on is still in my family, my dear Aunt Julie has it and sleeps under it often.

This is my Grandma, Lucille Baisden.  She was my Dad’s Mom.  She left us several years back and we miss her so much. I was thinking about her a lot a couple days ago and decided to scan this photo to share.  I showed it on FaceBook and it brought on a good discussion between family and friends. According to my Aunt, the yellow fabric used in this quilt was from one of her dresses.  She’s drawing out her quilt pattern here.  She used a simple string tied to a pencil.  She held the string and then drew out her baptist fans pattern on many of her quilts.  She also quilted on a quilting frame that my Grandpa made for her.  It was one of those wonderful old quilting frames that could be raised up to the ceiling when not in use and lowered when she took the notion to quilt, which was often.  The frame was stored on the ceiling of the family room when not in use. Thankfully, the quilt frame is also still in the family!

17 thoughts on “2 Finishes This Week!!!!”

  1. I loved seeing the picture of your Grandma quilting. I also love seeing simple quilting was back then. Yes there are a lot of wonderful tools we have access to, but it still so sweet to remember how quilting started.


  2. A busy week. The quilt that you just finished, isn't that the one that was on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting? Yours is beautiful. How wonderful to have some of your grandmothers quilts in the family.


  3. Love your woven quilt and i would never notice that you have more lights in one spot;) Wonderful photo of your grandmother. I wish I could find who has our old photos, would be nice if I could find some of my grandmother working on projects.Debbie


  4. What a great ides to add words to the rail fence. It makes so much more personal. I am also enjoying your posts. Miss the shop but know that you are so much more relaxed and enjoying the time to quilt.


  5. Thanks for sharing the picture of your grandmother. I have one of my grandmother's quilts, but no picture of her in action. My mom tells me she was an expert at marking quilt designs, and we have some of her templates. I've made a start at Weaving the Rails quilt with some scraps, but I think I'll have to swap with some friends to get enough variety. Your's look great, and I never would have noticed the similar fabric!! Kathie L in Allentown


  6. I love the words on your quilt…..that's perfect! And now you can enjoy those pieces instead of wincing when you see them! Yay!When I was in high school in the 70's, my best friend's gram had a quilt frame just like your grams. I was with her on a visit to her grams house, and I desperately wanted to learn to quilt, but my friend with have none of it, and we left to roam the streets. I'm still kicking myself now that I didn't insist and spend the day with her gram learning to quilt! P.S….we're no longer friends! lol


  7. What a great picture of your Grandma!! My Grandma was a quilter too. I feel a connection to her when I'm quilting :0)I love all your new projects – scrappy and wonderful!!


  8. Great idea to write on the strips of your quilt. Mistakes are often opportunities if you look at them the right way. Your spiral scrap quilt looks good. I need a stash buster like that!


  9. Beautiful quilt, Tara! You really whipped that one up in a hurry and I can't believe how you've just started something else. I was lamenting over just one block yesterday! All day :(Anyway, your wool project looks stellar and I really can't wait to see that one.I love the photo of your grandma. Photos like these are real treasures. Maybe someday you could add it to an heirloom memory quilt:)Have fun in the snow, quilting, baking and whatever else you do today.I think I'm gonna make chocolate chip cookies. That sounds good !


  10. Love the photo of your Grandma attending to her quilting, so good that it is still being used by a family member!Your scrappy projects are wonderful, and the suggestion of writing in those 3 blocks like that was the perfect solution!!!The Spiderweb block is just awesome!!!!Stay safe in all that snow!!


  11. OH I love your quilt! It looks great, glad you wrote the words on the quilt it will always make you smile for years to come…I really like your new project , I just happen to have my strips out may have to follow Keryn and your quilt and make one too. Don't you love her blog and her sisters? Always so inspirational to me. So good to see you quilting again and just enjoying yourself!thanks for the kind wordsKathie


  12. Your quilt looks fantastic, it really shows that woven effect and I love the addition of the meaningful words. I love anything red and white so I loved seeing your spiderweb blocks too.You're so lucky to have that photo of your grandma.


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