Just a little curious….

I received a sweet email from a person the other day and she’s really had me thinking on a subject.
What is your favorite source for hand or machine quilting patterns.  This person specifically asked me for sources for hand quilting patterns to use on a quilt that is a reproduction style quilt using several mid to late 18th century reproduction type fabrics. Oh – be still my heart – my favorite style quilt!
I love to hand quilt and seriously wish I could do so on every quilt I make. But time being as valueble as it is in the design word – I’m lucky if I get to hand quilt one project a year! I highly recommend this book:
This is Quilting Designs from the Past written by Jenny Carr Kinney.  I love this book and many times I just flip through it and read – just to do it for inspiration!
I also have a pretty hefty size collections of plastic stencils:
(this photo courtesy of the Minick and Simpson Blog! Which by the way if you follow this link, they have done a nice write up on quilting stencils!)
And then of course:
(this photos is courtesy of the Tim Latimer Quilts  blog – I do have a nice collection of old antique cardboard templates I won on ebay also – but I was to lazy to dig them out just to photograph them!  My sewing storage area is under massive clean up and reconstruction and it would take me a day just to find the plastic tote containing my treasures!)
I also like to look through my collection of quilt museum and collections style quilt books.  Those with really good photographs, I can sometimes see just what type of quilting they did “way back then”!
  So – What is your favorite source of finding hand quilting patterns?
What is your favorite source of machine quilting patterns?  (This is something I’d like to learn to do more of, I’m not the greatest machine quilter and tend to leave that up to a longarm quilter!)
If you would rather not leave a comment here on my blog, feel free to email me also!
Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of my Katie’s String Star finished quilt top!  Right now – I need to get back to my sewing machine – I’m zipping through a ton of Rail Fence Blocks this afternoon!  Such fun!

5 thoughts on “Just a little curious….”

  1. I love Harriet Hargrave's book 'Heirloom Machine Quilting'. It is of course directed for machine quilters, but there are some fabulous ideas and patterns that would work fine for hand quilters too.


  2. I was able to find a couple of books from a thrift, so use books and I look online for ideas. I usually do hand quilting with mini quilts and simple stitches on them.Debbie


  3. I generally use plastic templates for my smaller quilts and handquilt and do take inspiration from books of antique quilts, but for the larger bedsize I would send to the longarmer, I don't want to be ninety in the shade and still hand quiting the same quilt I started when I was 60 LOL!!!!I just don't have the time as much as I'd love to!!!!


  4. I love the book by Jenny Carr Kinney. It is full of great inspiration! I love your blog….great stuff!!And thanks for the link to my blog :)Tim


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