A "Pieceful" Sunday Of Stitching

I found the above photo on Pinterest this morning and fell in love with it. Tasha Tudor is a favorite person of mine. This photo made up my mind of how I will spend my quiet Sunday afternoon. Enjoying the peacefulness of quietly stitching in my favorite chair with my family in our living room all enjoying just being together on a quiet low key day.

I’m off to get our Sunday Dinner put together so it can start cooking in the oven. Then I’m going to put my Jammie’s back on and relax in that great chair of mine with bits and pieces of fabric!

Enjoy your day!

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10 thoughts on “A "Pieceful" Sunday Of Stitching”

  1. Sounds like a great idea, Tara. I think I'll do the same thing. I have a few little quilts that need only to be quilted (hand) and then they'll be finished. I too, love Tasha Tudor. She was an amazing woman.


  2. Oh this is so funny, Tara because I pinned this very photo this morning on Pinterest. I love Tasha Tudor and have several of her books. She truly is someone who inspires me even after her death.What a great way to spend the Sunday afternoon. I'm gonna do the same :)Happy stitchingSue


  3. I like Tasha Tudor also. I watched a PBS special about her quite some time ago. It was wonderful peeking into her cottage and gardens. And learning about how she entertained and played with her children as they grew up.


  4. I love this photo. Is it available for anyone, can you buy it from somewhere…….do I sound like I know lots about this stuff! LOLI hope you did get back to that chair and stitch.


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