Hoarding Quilting Magazines & Jibber Jabber

In an effort to prove to my children that I am not a hoarder (they are starting to give me a complex!) – I’ve been going through all of my quilting magazines and purging them.  I have such a huge collection of magazines – It’s actually quite ridiculous!  I have my favorites – current magazines and older ones that no longer exist.  As I go through them all, a little here and there, if I find projects or inspiring pictures that I might like to do in the future, I remove those pages needed, place them in plastic sleeves and put them in special binders and toss the rest of it in the recycle bin.  Any magazines that I have not destroyed with my ripping out of pages will be donated to my local quilt guild, so that they may sell them at their upcoming quilting show.  A few also – the special ones – I’m saving for my Aunt – but only if there are projects in there I think she would be really  be interested in making! (I still have to find a spot to store those magazines for my Aunt so that we can deliver them to her when we visit her again, later this year!)
There are those magazines though that I refuse – absolutely refuse to get rid of.  Some are picture above, those very early copies of Quilter’s Newsletter magazine that I lucked into finding on ebay last year!
These are a few more “oldie but goodies” I refuse to get rid of.  I’m not hoarding them – I’m collecting them my dear children (if you are reading this – and I know you do read Mom’s blog – Thank you!)  
Along with purging no longer wanted magazines – it’s been a little crazy in the quilting room!  Strips and squares are flying everywhere and I’m having the best of times!  There’s even a little Dear Jane block shown in the basket above – the little booger was giving me a devil of a time, so it’s taking a break in the basket until I’ve re-gathered my courage to attempt that one again!
The cutting table is still a mess – but it’s all good!
Here’s another little corner of my quilting room.  Wonderful quilting books I love to look through every now and then!  My favorite items here are momentos from my children when they were babies.  My daughters first pink gym shoes are on the left and the little cow was my son’s most favorite toy as a baby!  How sweet!

7 thoughts on “Hoarding Quilting Magazines & Jibber Jabber”

  1. It is so hard to purge, lol. Things I don't use or want, our usually the ones, others don't want, so will donate those to salvation. I love the older magazines and patterns. Will work my way through them in the next few years, then purge;)Debbie


  2. Too funny – I spent a good share of the day yesterday doing the exact same thing…going through magazines, tearing out the ones I love (there were several that were designed by you!) and purging the rest. This snow must have made us do it!


  3. Tara! I think we quilters all have areas where we hoard things! LOL I have no problem admitting that I hoard fabric and quilt books!! LOLIf your craft table is messy, I really don't want to show you mine. It's something on the agenda today….to clean mine up….after I get one more project worked on :DHave fun stitching!Sue in Michigan


  4. You are a stronger woman than I am — I can not bring myself to tear into my old magazines. I'm older than you, and have them dating into the early eighties! I do look through them for inspiration/ideas, but they do take up space. I don't think quilters are hoarders. Fabric, batting, thread, are our tools. My husband has a 14,000 sq ft shop FULL of his tools! We quilters are entitled to our tools! We are artists, if fabric were like paint, we could just mix up what we need. But unless we are fabric dyers we can't do that. So, I've stopped worrying about the hoarder thing (which I once did worry about a bit).


  5. Oh! how I know about hoarding magazines LOL!!! It's difficult to purge, but at some point it is going to be necessary!Your sewing space looks to be very ordered, you obviously haven't seen mine! I have about 3-4 projects at different stages of completion and then some….


  6. oh yes purging magazines I did that a few years ago and now I am buying old issues of old magazines, how crazy is that!had to laugh about the kids talking about hoarders, my kids think I am a hoarder of fabric while the rest of the house is streamlined. My motto on the rest of the house if we haven't used it in a year its donated!Kathie


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