The Snow’s A Comin’ & I’m A Quiltin’!!!

Anyone that knows me – knows that I can’t stand snow.  Oh of course – it’s all pretty at first and I love to get out and play and romp in it with my kids and I love to sit and hand quilt or piece in my living room all nice and snuggly warm while watcing it snow outside – but I can’t stand being cold (kind of sounds a little dorky after just saying I like to play in the snow!) and I can’t stand other drivers on snowy roads.  Common sense and driving – are not so common around here anymore and I like to play it safe and just stay home and hibernate.
The stinky part about this snow storm coming today – my Dear Jane group meets tonight!  If it gets to yucky and the roads get to bad – I’ll just have to miss out on tonight’s fun.  Better safe than sorry!
  With that all said and off my chest (LOL) – I’m hibernating in my Quilting Kingdom today – as I typically do!  Here’s a little peek at what I’m up to!
This is Katie’s String Star Quilt from the Fons and Porter book titled Scrap Quilts: Best Of Fons and Porter.  I do know this quilt pattern was in one of their past issues of the magazine also – but I’m just not good enough to be that organized to tell you what issue!  I love piecing this quilt so far.  The biggest challenge is stopping to think before pressing the seams – they are all going every which way and to get everything lying nice and flat – I’ve had to clip a few seams here and there.  And I’ve already made a “boo-boo” while piecing this quilt together, I just saw my mistake after this photo uploaded.  I’ll just call that my “humble” block, for this chick is not in the mood to play froggie today and rip seams.
And of course in my normal random, crazy and zany way of working – there is more than one project rolling around my studio!
I’m working on a Weaving The Rails quilt designed by our favorite blogger and scrap quilter Queen – Miss Kathie Holland of Inspired By Antique Quilts Blog fame.  This pattern was in the August 2011 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  Love it!
Wait, there’s more…..
Here I’m laying out and working on making a reproduction of an old antique quilt in one of my quilt history books.  Yes – it’s going to be a red and white quilt – all though the idea of doing it in blues and whites keeps popping into my mind! Just working on a few details to get this pattern all figured out!
Then if I’m really bored or we get snowed in really bad and I cannot get out of the house (oh gee – wouldn’t that be terrible – NOT!)  I’ve got all my works in progress neatly cleaned up in their cubbies.  We’ve got the Dear Jane Quilt, The Stars and Sprigs Quilt, a quilt design by Sue Garman – the name of the pattern escapes me, tons of moda “fun” rolls of fabric to develop new interesting quilt patterns and my Cotton Club blocks to keep me entertained.
Start your engines ladies and gents – let’s sew the day away and enjoy ourselves!
And I leave you with this…
Just a cute picture of one corner of my Quilting Dungeon.  I’ve recently did a little remodeling and cleaning up of my work area and this is one of the “cute” fun areas I created!  I love old vintage looking sewing goodies – and of course my fabric stash displayed in baskets!
Have a fabulous day folks – my day is off to a great start and I hope yours is too!

16 thoughts on “The Snow’s A Comin’ & I’m A Quiltin’!!!”

  1. Looks like you are all set to have some quality quilting time! I am doing Katie's stars too, but out of my strings, and very slowly! This will be an ongoing project for me, to be worked on when I am in between other things. Yours is looking really nice, I am looking forward to seeing it progress.


  2. Oh I just love those stars!!!! Love your new project, I wonder if I have that book.ok whose blue fabric is that I always have a hard time choosing blues this is perfect! oh your going to have fun with the weaving the rails, do you need some strips? LOLoh I love seeing your work space. yes fabric in baskets is always fun… Love those cubes and oh my those layer cakes rolled up look like my type of fabrics! well I hope the snow isn't bad till late tonight so you can go to your club…have a great day.Kathie


  3. It is snowing here too…a great day to hibernate in the sewing room. All of your projects look wonderful. I've had my eye on a similar \”string star\” pattern from Edyta's latest book. I really don't need to start any projects!


  4. I love that quilt you are working on! Love all those colors.You sound like you're staying nice and busy and that's good. I'm glad for you.Love the look around your sewing space. I am busy working on a ton of projects right now too because who can work on just one?!If you're getting snow, I'm sure hoping some of it comes our way. I love snow, but I'm like you in that I don't like driving in it.Have a great day in the sewing room!


  5. Being snowed in does have its advantages. Lots of sewing gets done because you can't get out. I made the Weaving the Rails quilt when the magazine came out and used up a lot of scraps. I'm thinking of making it again. It's a great way to use fabrics that you don't like very much, but when you put them all together, they look great.


  6. Beautiful work you are doing, so colourful!!You can send some of that weather here, lol snow is fabulous, we would be unable to get out and I love to do some hibernating work, but it's like spring here now!Love your workspace:)


  7. You have some wonderful projects in the works and your sewing space looks wonderfully inspiring!!! I have got the red/white quilt bug too and have ordered some red solid for it!! I just hope there is enough time in 2012 to do all I have set myself LOL! Have a wonderful week!!!


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