Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and your family!
I hope you have a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful start to 2012!
I’ve been hiding out in my quilting castle, finishing up projects and hoping to start the New Year working on new designs.  The following pictures are not the best – I’m a terrible photographer using my cell phone!  But these will give you a little taste of my finishes this past week!
And here is what I’m still in the middle of working on!
Lot’s and lots of scraps have been used up, yet I still feel that I’ve not made a dent in my large scrap basket.  Oh well, it sure is fun digging through it all!
For those of you that have not been to our website the past month, please take the time to stop by when you have a moment.  We are having our end of the year cleaning out sale and all fabrics are on sale!
P.S. – for those of you that are curious and waiting for an update on my hands after my carpal tunnel surgeries (thank you so kindly for the emails!)  My hands are almost back to 100%.  I still have a bit of scar tissue I’m working to loosen up, they still itch a bit around the scar and are hardly ever bothersome now.  I’m done with physical therapy, but continue strengthening exercises and massage at home. My scars look great!

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. So thankful you have your hands back to full use!Your quilts are just gorgeous and you've been busy. So nice to see you blog again.Have a wonderful New Year in 2012 and many blessings,Sue


  2. Happy your hands are coming along, just don't over do it… Would love to know the size of the thimble block???All the scrap quilts are goregious.


  3. Tara, so happy to see you're back! Your quilts are gorgeous! Thanks for the update on your hands, so happy they've healed up well! Happy New Year! Barb


  4. I am so glad that your hands are doing so much better!! Your projects are gorgeous!! I couldn't pick a favorite. From what I can see you have an amazing scrap basket. :0)


  5. So glad to hear your surgeries went well. Hopefully, everything will be fine now. You certainly have been busy making up for lost time. Your quilts look gorgeous, as always. Happy happy New Year and may 2012 be the best ever!


  6. How nice to have you back; I have missed your posting. You have three great quilts there, so it was worth the wait. Happy to hear that your hands are healing. Sounds like it won't be much longer now until you are 100% back. Happy New Year!


  7. So glad to see your sewing again! YEAH!!!! yes I have been playing in my scrap basket too!its time for me to get out of the R and W phase!so glad your feeling better.Happy New Year to you and your familywishing for all good things and lots of happinesskathie


  8. Love your scrappy quilts.Sorry to hear you won't be selling fabric any longer,you always have such a lovely range of repros. However, I totally understand and support your choice to put health, family and creativity first! I will continue to follow your blog, with interest, to see what you are doing over 2012.Best wishes, Rowena


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