Well, I’m all bummed out.  I’m missing Quilt Market and Festival in Houston.  Many of my friends are there and they are being so great and texting updates and photos so that I can join in on the fun from a distance!  LOL
Above is a photo from my very first quilt market back in 2000 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  That was a fun booth.  I won the best New Exhibitor Booth award that year.  My husband did so much work constructing all those wood panels for that booth and my kids were wee little toddlers then.  We traveled as a family to market and really enjoyed that time together.  During the day I would work the show and hubby would take the kids to local events and things, the zoo, shopping, etc.  We really had fun there.
I’m watching blogs and FaceBook to check for all the updates coming in – it’s only making it worse on me – but I can’t help it!!!!!
That’s ok, I’ll get over it.  In fact, I think I’ll start planning my Spring Quilt Market booth right now!  That will perk my spirits up!  Spring Market will be in Kansas City, Missouri this coming May 2012!  We are super excited to be going back there for our 3rd market visit to this great location!
Off to plan my booth…………

4 thoughts on “Bummer…”

  1. After you finish planning your booth, will you plan one for me? Just once, before I leave this quilting world, it would be nice to have a booth as wonderfully charming as yours. It will be a challenge though… and you will have to lend me your quilts… The only thing I'm missing about not being in Houston is getting to see you but since you're not there, I'm not missing much. And really, I'm kind of enjoying the break. Here's wishing you a good continued recovery… I expect to see you doing some cartwheels in Kansas City. Happy Halloween!


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