Pretty Quilt Pictures

Today, here are some of the pictures I took last week while on my quilting get a way weekend. This will just be a short post today, my hands are really achy and sore today, so I’m going to take it easy. Also – these photos are not the best quality in the world. I didn’t bring my good camera because it was just to heavy and hard to hold. So – cell phone to the rescue – even though I was a bit shaky – I’m sure you’ll get the idea of the beauty that surrounded us while we sewed and played! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Pretty Quilt Pictures”

  1. Oh my gosh! I'm green with envy! I so want to get to this retreat. I must make it for next summer.Lisa's store alone is heaven on earth! I can't imagine how much fun it was to stay at her retreat!!Rest those hands 🙂


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