Wisconsin Quilting Getaway Weekend Report

Last Thursday I headed north to Wisconsin for a quilting weekend with friends. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was able to sew almost everyday on my machine – thanks to having cut out a gazillion tumbler shapes prior to my first surgery!

This pile of tumblers slowly but surely turned into this by Saturday evening!

That’s me on the right with all my pieced rows of tumblers behind me. Im proud to say i was able to piece all the rows that i think I’m going to need for this quilt – but i did pay for it on Sunday because I sewed so much on Saturday! I should have taken many more breaks for my hands!

On the left is Pam Buda – of Heartspun Quilts fame – AKA-the brilliant mind behind The Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle! That’s her tumbler quilt behind her on the left – isn’t it cute! You can visit her blog here (link below and look for three posts made on Sept. 26, Sept. 29 and Oct 3) if you’ve not already been over to visit her there – please do – she’s been posting an excellent tutorial on English Paper piecing and I blame her for my current infatuation with hexagons. Those cute little things keep spinning around in my mind – I may just have to go into my sewing studio today and pull out my own current hexi or other paper piecing project (there’s about 9 of them in the works, so I could literally take my pick) and start my own form of physical therapy for my hands – I’ll call it “fondling my fabric” and work those hand muscles back into shape in no time!

Anyhow – here’s the link to Pam’s blog – go on over and visit and tell her I said hello!


Here’s a picture of our sewing area while in Wisconsin

Here’s a picture of my wonderful sleeping area! I felt like a little kid with my own private fortress each night! Loved it!

This is a Blackbird Designs quilt that we all fell in love with and of course had to go searching like mad women on the Internet for the pattern! It was such a treat to view all the gorgeous quilts on display in my friend Lisa’s home (The one and only Lisa – you know the one – Queen Mum at Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop!) I’ll show you more pictures from her home and all the lovely quilts in another post!

And here is my very own quilt on display at The Primitive Gatherings Quilt shop! That was super exciting seeing it there, right as I walked in the door! They have the patterns for sale and might have a kit too – you’ll have to call them and ask! The pattern is called Two Piece Puzzle. 1-920-722-7233

I’m off to see what fun I can get myself into today. I have fabric fondling/physical therapy if I chose and a walk to the library and through the forest preserve on my list today! Such an exciting life I lead!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Wisconsin Quilting Getaway Weekend Report”

  1. The cheddar you used ads spark to your quilt! Looks like a fun project. I have not done a quilt with the tumbler shape but it is tempting.I have not been to a retreat in several years but always had so much fun.


  2. I knew you had to be at Primitive Gatherings! I really want to get to their quilt retreat in the near future.Love your quilts you and Pam worked on. I enjoy following Pam's blog too. You all inspire us so much and I thank you!Hope you are healing up well:)Hugs,Sue


  3. oh its a dream of mine to go to that shop!would love to spend a day just chatting with Lisa!oh I love that BB design too where did you find it?what a fun quiltmaking tumbler quilts is just fun! glad you made a lot of progress.Kathie


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