Shipshewana Fun Day

Last Tuesday the husband and I decided to take advantage of his vacation time and we headed out to Shipshewana, Indiana. It was his first time visiting there – but I am a veteran Shipshewana addict! I love that area and all the rich Amish history that can be found there!

Here’s a few photos from our “date day”!

Isn’t this quilt gorgeous? Here’s another picture:

The pattern for this great quilt is in this book shown above. Stellar Quilts by Judy Martin – excellent book – and I will make this quilt one day!

Ohhhhh and look what I spotted on the shelves at Lolly’s Quilt Shop – my book!!! How fun is that! ( very, very exciting and yes I started to cry I was so happy! Happens every time!)

The “great wall’o fabric” at Lolly’s.

The fat quarter boat at Lolly’s!

Fun candy cane display! So stinking cute I could not resist!

I love old fashioned candy store displays!

Had to make a trip inside Yoder’s!

I think I need to go back to Shipshewana and get some of these for my garden next year!

Fell in love with these rockers!

Are these super huge baskets not the cutest thing!

I want one of these for my new quilting studio!

Love the outhouse!

And one tired husband. I love the chair – well and the accessory in it too!

Carpal Tunnel Update

It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days since the surgery on my left hand and 2 days since the surgery on my right hand. Everyday is an experience, let me tell ya! I have very little strength right now. Even to brush my teeth is a chore and needs to be thought through beforehand. I have so little strength in my left hand and just cannot use my right hand as of today – I thought this morning I would be better off just squirting toothpaste in my mouth and swishing it around. I’m not kidding.

I drove for the first time since my first surgery last Wednesday. So a week after the left hand and I drove to the store. I did it but I did not enjoy it. I drove about 2 miles to get to the store and personally – I think I needed more strength in my left hand in case of an emergency while driving. Shopping for the few things on the list went fine – got what I was searching for and came back home and happy to be here.

My left hand stitches have now been removed. The area on my hand is very itchy and super sensitive. It’s incredible just how sensitive that scar tissue is. My left hands skin is extremely dry also. So Vitamin E oil from the health food store to the rescue! Still a lot of bruising and tenderness on that hand, but I see the bruises disappearing everyday. My thumb area is the most sore and the lower palm area of that hand. Here is a picture of just how dry the skin is on my left hand – yuck warning!

As I said – I’m using Vitamin E oil – if you know of anything better – suggestions are being accepted!

The right hand – just the same as it went for the left hand. The right hand is still extremely swollen today – but oddly enough I have full movement of that thumb with little and very manageable pain.

Bath time with two injured hands – ok that was another memorable experience and I’ll spare you the details, but I did survive but it wasn’t easy. I think I need to by a bottle of Johnson and Johnson tears free baby shampoo for next time because trying to wash your hair left handed when that hand is still healing and you are a righty – is not fun, let me tell ya!

Getting dressed – forget anything cutesy or foo-foo for this chick for awhile. It’s hello baggy jammies for awhile – consider yourself warned if you decide to drop by and surprise visit me or want to “FaceTime” chat! LOL – and forget styling the hair or doing makeup!!!

I attempted to sweep my floors today – forget that! So my dear children as you are reading Mommy’s blog today (they do read it you know – when they are extremely bored that is) consider yourselves warned. The dust bunnies are at a high level today and I just cannot take looking at them another day. Today is not a “quick sweep” day – we have to show the dust bunnies who’s boss. Your previously, cute finger prints on the bathroom mirror must go today so you have a clean slate to begin with tomorrow. And the dust in the living room – well I left you a little message in the dust on the top of the pie safe it says “Clean Me” – you see that is text messaging….. Mom style………This sign is for you today my two darling children:

( in my children’s defense – they are good kids, they do their assigned chores and earn their allowance weekly – I’m just adding a bit of humor to our daily life!! But our home is in need of a little TLC as I just can’t do what I did prior to these surgeries quite yet!)

But on a brighter note – life’s still good, I know I will recover and I’m looking forward to doing everything I’m told to do during physical therapy that begins on Oct 18. Everyday I do see improvements and I’m continually amazed at how the human body can heal and how well I can adapt and get things accomplishment with my temporary disabilities. I really do believe that everything in life happens for a reason and for me – I’ve learned to really appreciate some of the little things in life that I used to take for granted. I also have a better understanding of what people with permanent disabilities go through.

Now I just need to find someone to run to the quilt shop for me to get the latest issue of Sew Scrappy quilts magazine by American Patchwork and Quilting and I’ll be perfectly content for an hour or two!

Enjoy your day!


6 thoughts on “Shipshewana Fun Day”

  1. I just love Lolly's and Yoder's! I am praying you to full and speedy recovery. I hear the frustration in your blog, but you sound like you're also taking it in stride. It's a great attitude to have!!


  2. Thanks for all the pictures, it looks like so much fun! Let those dust bunnies go for a while. They will be there when you are all better and can give them what for. Take it easy, follow doctors orders and let others help with what they can. You need to heal. I had bunion surgery on both feet a few years ago. It was hard letting other people help out but in the end, it paid off in the recovery process. Hang in there, before long you will be back to normal and feeling soooooo much better.


  3. Hi Tara, I went to Shipshewana last Thursday! Isn't it just great! Shopping at Lolly's and Yoder's is the first day's activity for the Quaker Haven Quilting Retreat. Then on the way home I stopped at North Manchester's quilt shop. I think I bought up all the brown and pink reproduction prints in Indiana!I'm just lucky Shipshewana is only a 2 hour drive. Glad to hear you're doing better every day. Don't rush things, because you'll pay for it later. I still have trouble with hand strength and driving is very hard on my hands, and I'm 11 months out.


  4. I'm glad you had a nice trip with your husband. It must take a great deal of patience to wait for your hands to heal. It seems to me you are being very positive. I hope you'll be sewing again soon!


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