2nd Carpal Tunnel Surgery Update

The above saying is what I keep reminding myself of today.

Yesterday I had my carpal tunnel release surgery on my right hand and also – the bandages and stitches removed from my left hand. So here are a couple photos of my world.

Right hand all swollen and bandaged.

Left hand all bruised and waiting to have stitches removed yesterday.

Left hand today with the stitches gone and a bit cleaner. My scar looks great and is about a half inch long and extremely itchy and sensitive. Such a small incision for a whole lot of pain! The bruising that remains is a bit painful yet also.

Chat more later – I have so much to share but need to let my “tender” fingers rest a bit!

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10 thoughts on “2nd Carpal Tunnel Surgery Update”

  1. Don't worry…be happy! Love that saying too. Hang in there…hopefully you'll feel lots better in a few weeks. Take it easy and enjoy the beautiful fall. Wish you could come here and I'd pamper and entertain you for a few days! I loved looking at your pictures of antique quilts at the quilt show. Thanks for sharing! Take care!Brenda…the Farmer's Dotter


  2. a big owie!!!! I am so glad its over for your sake! a few more weeks and you will be better then ever and sewing away with no pain! thanks for keeping us updated.wow only 1/2 inch incision I am impressedkathie


  3. I am glad you have gotten through the second surgery. It looks like things are healing up nicely on your left hand. Keep hanging in there, things will get better from here! I'm rooting for ya!


  4. I am glad you have that over, now you can heal and then get back to what you love. I am glad it all went well and I hope you hands start feeling better now. Can you use your hand, or do you have to have therapy for it? Debbie


  5. I think you are going to need lots of rest and chocolate! Your body needs to heal so don't even think about trying to do housework or anything that is not fun! You need to save your energy. Praying for a speedy recovery for you so you can get back to your normal quilting self. Take Care Tara!


  6. My crazy sister in law had both of her hands done at the same time so she wouldn't have to miss as much time from work. Of course, her husband had to stay at home with her for two weeks helping her do everything — and I mean EVERYTHING. She is a hair dresser and once she got back to work, she noticed a tremendous improvement. So will you at the end of your ordeal.


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