Quilting Get Away Weekend!

I’ve been having a blast this weekend in gorgeous Wisconsin! A few of my friends and I are on a quilting getaway weekend as guests of a “Superstar” quilter! (any guesses where I’m at?)

I’ve been doing really, really good working on my sewing machine – even with limitations with my hand! Breaks every now and then are a must! But that silly bandage in the above photo is not going to stop me!

I’m just working on a simple scrappy tumbler quilt. Lots of mindless sewing this weekend. And plenty of retail therapy!!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Tara – in beautiful Wisconsin this weekend!

6 thoughts on “Quilting Get Away Weekend!”

  1. Sue is right ~ you're at Primitive Gatherings and you've been to the warehouse. I recognize those shelves full of wool! What on earth did you do to your hand? I've been \”away\” for a little while and I've missed all sorts of things. I'll go back and find out what happened but in the meantime ~ behave, take good care and have fun. And if the first thing interferes with the last thing… do the last thing first. Have fun. 🙂


  2. oh how I wish I could have been there too, been dreaming about taking a vacation there and just sewing , sewing, shopping!!!good luck today, thinking of you, just think this will all be over in a few weeks and you will be able to sew what ever you want without any painKathie


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