Yeah! New Quilting Magazine Day!

Look what arrived yesterday to help fill my day with quilting goodness!

The November/ December 2011 issue of McCalls Quilting! Yes!!!!! My sanity was saved for yet another day! (can you tell I’m really wanting to get back to my quilting and something a bit more normal?)

Look at this!

It’s called Lodge Getaway by Sarah Maxwell and Delores Smith – you know them – the great gals behind The Homespun Hearth Quilt Shop and website! Love this! Great job you two – just like usual – I love it! You both are amazing at all you get done!

Next look at this –

Oh be still my heart do I love that quilt above. The fabrics used are wonderful! This one is Olde English Crackers by Susan Guzman. I could make this one completely from my stash right now I’ve got almost all those fabrics used in this quilt – I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed or not to admit that!

Then look at this:

This is Summer Memory by Gerri Robinson – great job Gerri as usual!

Next up – my daily ponderings and such….

I wanted to share with you one thing I did in advance for my family prior to these surgeries. I made up a ton of freezer meals ahead of time, labeled everything with the contents and how it needed to be cooked or re-heated. Best thing I could have ever done. I really am glad my husband can come home from work each day and have a nice hot meal. The kids can shop in the freezer also if they want. It’s been a huge weight off my shoulders to know they are being fed well.

I stocked up on small aluminum foil trays in single serving sizes from the dollar store. Wrapped everything carefully in press and seal (a Glad product) then everything is in freezer ziploc baggies also to protect from freezer burn. I literally have about 75 plus different meals in my freezer and as long as everyone thinks in advance and takes what they want out of the freezer to thaw – life’s all good.

There is a ton of information on the Internet about “Freezer Cooking” etc. I have a few books also which are wonderful!

I will admit though – I treated them to pizza fresh from Papa Johns for dinner yesterday. Man Internet ordering is just to easy….. And thank God for delivery!

I miss the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven though. So – frozen bread dough is on the grocery list for my husbands trip to the store this weekend!

One regret – I’m a baker – my family is used to a few treats now and then. I ran out of time and never did get cookies and muffins ready for them in the freezer. I did catch some of those pre made cookie dough things on sale though! Those are in the freezer too for when they get a sweet tooth. Kind of made me feel good the other day when they baked some of those store bought cookies – they told me they like mine better! What can I say – I’ve spoiled my family on homemade goodness! Those cookies sure did smell good baking though! I refrained from having any – I figured with as little exercise as I’m getting – my hips really did not need that cookie! But boy did I sure want one!

Personal reminders to myself for my next CT Surgery:

– will not feel like eating for the first few days – but try to remember to eat a little something here and there. Having no energy from not eating and being in pain is not fun. The med’s do make me sick to my stomach without a few saltines each time I take them.

– take the medication – just like I was told to – on a regular basis. It’s worth it. Do not try to go without it. Quit being a hard head and just take the medicine Tara!

– get splenda in a bag that I can measure out for my coffee – those little packets are impossible to open one handed

– plan ahead of time what I might want to eat for the day when my appetite comes back – case in point – I wanted to have some mild pepper rings on my salad yesterday and couldn’t – well that darn jars not going to open it self and one hand is useless! Have jars loosened in the morning before the kids leave for school. Same thing for all that wonderful homemade soup that I canned and preserved – I cannot loosen the ring or pry the lid off On my own – plan ahead.

– I understand the “why” behind child safe caps on medication. My kids are plenty old enough to know better. Have med’s set out and available during the day within easy reach – yet up high enough out of reach in case little visitors do come – which is rare – but better safe than sorry.

– it’s getting cooler outside and my feet get cold so easy! Need slippers and easy slide my foot in type shoes! I cannot put socks on one handed without some form of acrobatics involved! flip flops for my walks are not going to cut it much longer.

These are super cute – but not to practical!

My kids would really think I’m a nut if I wore these around the house – but they would make me laugh and smile every time I looked at my feet!

These are so stinking cute!

Anybody out there have this pattern and wanna make me some of these?

Stylin’ and super cute! My daughter would probably just shake her head!

– sleeping in our waterbed – not going to happen for awhile. The couch and several pillows and quilts are my new best friend.

– button up type shirts are much easier the first few days rather than over the head type t shirts. Well – as long as someone is there to button you up of course!

– and for anyone else that might be looking at surgery and have incredibly long hair prior to surgery??? I’m still not regretting cutting mine off! I had it cut and styled above my shoulders prior to surgery. It looks really cute, fresh and makes me feel younger now. Now is probably one of the times in my life when I’m thankful for naturally wavy hair. It doesn’t look magnificent right now since I cannot do much with it – but that’s life! See the cute hairstyle below? That’s now on my head – of course I’m not blonde and super cute like dear Ms. Jessica below, but my hairstylist did a great job with what she had to work with and my hair looks this cute when I straighten it! I just have brown hair with a few Greys though!

And for anyone reading this that may be getting ready to have Carpal Tunnel surgery, here is a link to a really good blog entry that I found and read prior to my surgery. This lady is a medical transcriptionist – so she uses her hands for her work just like us quilters. She has really good pictures on there too. My hand is still wrapped up and the Dr. told me not to remove the bandages – she will do that on Oct 4 when I have my next surgery – which is driving me crazy not knowing what it looks like under there and I want to wash my hand so badly! Anyhow – that’s a whole ‘nother story I’ll save for later!

Here’s the link to the other blog! Enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “Yeah! New Quilting Magazine Day!”

  1. I haven't been to a craft store in ages, that is what stash is for;) I have seen some new magazines that are tempting me though, but trying to finish and use what I have. My problem when I am sick or injured is my diet, I can't eat packaged food, so would be nice to have premade frozen dinners I could have on those days.Debbie


  2. I know where you are coming from – I had shoulder surgery a few years ago and my right arm was completely useless to me. Being right handed I had to learn how to do things with my left hand. I slept in the recliner for the first 2 weeks as a bed would not work for me. When I did finally get to sleep in the bed – it was being propped up to almost sitting. I too learned to keep the meds on a regular schedule. I pretty much slept the very first week after surgery. I really wish that I had been prepared meals like you did before hand – that wouold have made things much easier. Good luck in your next surgery and hope your recovery is fast.


  3. You are incredibly organized! What a lucky family you have. I really appreciate hearing about your ct journey as I know that I'm headed down the same path eventually.


  4. That was a great idea to make up the freezer meals. We used to do that regularly but then got out of the habit. Love the new hairstyle and I'm sure it looks great on you!When my McCall's came I drooled over every page! Love that magazine 😀 And it's time to renew 😀


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