More West Virginia Quilt Guild Show Pictures!

I really had a great time at the quilt show I attended yesterday and took a ton of pictures!  I’ll work on getting those uploaded soon so that you can enjoy seeing the beautiful quilts that I had the pleasure of viewing!

Today, I am off to another quilt show in our area.  This is the quilt show that I was supposed to be vending at myself, but had to cancel out of it. (more on that soon – why I couldn’t be a vendor this year that is!)

Here is the 2nd installment of my quilt show pictures from the West Virginia State Quilt Guild show that I vended at this past June. I went ahead and dumped the other picture software that I was testing out yesterday for the small slide show I had posted for you!  Didn’t like it at all, so now I’m playing around with another one instead!  (new technology – it never ends!)

So anyhow, some of the quilts you view in this slideshow you might have seen yesterday, but that’s ok because somethings are worth repeating!

Enjoy! (don’t forget you can click on the link at the bottom of this post to go to a full size view of the slide show!)
Link To Pictures Slideshow click here

Or you can view the album and select each picture you would like to see a full view of here:

Link To My Picasa Album Click Here

(again, not to sure how I like this whole Picasa pictures thing – I really liked offering you the slideshow option on WebShots!  What is your opinion – do you like slideshows or do you prefer to go through an album and click on the individual photos you would like to view????)

9 thoughts on “More West Virginia Quilt Guild Show Pictures!”

  1. Thanks for bringing us the quilt show..it was really wonderful. I do like to be able to click on them and enlarge but wasn't able to do that in the slideshow..but it was still very nice..


  2. Read you notice on the store announcement about surgery. Carpal tunnel surgery worked perfectly for my friend about 7 years ago. Hoping the same for you! I have found going through surgery easier if I'm the one having it than if I'm the one waiting outside — once I've made the decision, that's it for me, it's all in others' hands. Wishing you the very best.


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