Newsletter time! New fabrics are here!

Christmas in August???
It feels like Christmas around here with all the fabric that has arrived this week – with lots more to come next week!

You might want to grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back and relax while reading our newsletter this week – it’s a long one full of goodies!


~Just Arrived~

The Cotton Club

The Cotton Club – 108″ Wide Backing Fabric!

The Cocheco Mills III

Nineteenth Century Shirtings – 1875 – 1885

Centennial Solids – new shades!
(yummy cheddar, turkey red and olive green too!)

Collections For The Cause: Comfort

Lately Arrived From London


Arriving Very Soon!!!

Jo’s Variety 
(should be here within the next week!)
***Please note – we have order additional yardage because we have originally sold out of our first initial order!  This fabric is listed on our website again for Pre-Order for those of you that missed it the first time around!  I will keep you updated via email and through this newsletter when this 2nd order should arrive – feel free to pre-order now!  Andover was pretty confident on the phone today that plenty of yardage was available.  If we run out again – we can always try and order more!!!

Little Gatherings
(bundles will be arriving this coming Monday – and more on Wednesday.  We expect the yardage by the end of next week!!!!)

Dear Jane II
(this fabric should arrive next week – and just a little FYI for you – Windham has already started discontinuing some of the fabrics – I was given this information today directly from Windham – so order yours now or grab some when you are at your local quilt shop, because it’s going fast and certain pieces will not be re-printed!!!)

Wool ‘n Needle Flannels!
(this is something new for us – flannel fabric!  These are designed to “mimic” the look of hand dyed woolens – the colors are gorgeous!)

Ecology Cloth
(we have had a lot of requests lately to restock this fabric – so we have 3 bolts on order!  It is on backorder with the manufacturer right now, but they are estimating to have it in stock by mid-September!)

Primitive Muslins
(again – we’ve had many requests to re-stock this fabric – so we are!  More is on order and should arrive within the next week.  Keep in mind this is a “basics” fabric from Moda and we can re-order it at any time.  If we are ever out of it – do not be afraid to email us and we’ll order more!!!)

Elizabethtown by Jo Morton
(this fabric is up for Pre-Order right now.  I spoke with Andover today and they are still estimating this fabric line to ship out in September!)


The Cotton Club

7 More Monthly Membership are now available!

The Cotton Club kits will start shipping very soon!  September 15th to be exact!

We are completely sold out of “full kits” (kits that we ship all necessary fabrics and patterns at one time)

But —- we have added 7 more memberships on our website for the “Monthly” Memberships!!! (Thank you to all you sweet folks that requested  we add more spots to our club!)  The deadline to reserve those spots will be September 8th – which should still allow us enough time to have the patterns and kits ready to go for new members!

Just curious…..  We want your opinion!

We are seriously (really, really seriously) considering ordering the following fabric lines:

The General’s Wives

The Winterthur John Hewson Collection

Heirloom Shirtings

Carrie’s Madders 

You may click on each of the links above and it will direct you right to the fabrics on each of the manufacturer’s websites.

If you have a spare moment – drop me an email, post a comment on our blog, leave us a message on facebook or make a comment on your order if you are on our website – if any of the above fabric lines interest you!


And on a personal note…….

We survived our wonderful family vacation and arrived back safely this past Tuesday.  I’m still playing “catch up” with my emails (and phone messages for that matter)- so be patient if you are waiting for me to answer.  We had 3 boxes delivered on Tuesday and 29 boxes of fabric delivered on Wednesday alone!!!

Our family enjoyed a visit to King’s Island in Cincinnati and we also visited the Grand Wolf Lodge Waterpark there – I highly recommend both if you have children.  We really enjoyed ourselves and my husband and I felt like kids again!  I rode every ride my kids did at King’s Island – they were shocked I could keep up with them to say the least!!!

From there we visited our family in West Virginia again.  We were able to ride our quad every day through the mountains and even explored new areas we’ve never been in before!  What a blessing to have family living in such a beautiful state!

We cooked a lot of good comfort foods and ate plenty also!  The 10 pounds I gained while we were gone is proof that we cooked a lot and ate every bit of it!

My son started High School this past Wednesday and my daughter will start school – the 7th grade – this coming Monday!  They sure do grow up fast!  I’m sad to see the school year beginning, I love having my kids home with me and wish summer could be extended just a bit more…………….

I’ve got to get back to cutting fabric now….

The Cotton Club fabrics are next on our list – those will begin shipping to everyone that pre-ordered starting next week!  This is a huge group of fabrics, so be patient!

11 thoughts on “Newsletter time! New fabrics are here!”

  1. The madders really interest me, since they are sometimes hard to find. The Hewson collection is beautiful and something new and different. Glad you had a great vacation. The new fabrics look wonderful.


  2. Does one need to eat? You are showing things that will eat into the food budget.As far as the maybe'sI think the The Winterthur John Hewson Collectionhas some unique pieces…so go for it.Shirtings – good basic but not boring shirtings – are always in short supply so…. again go for it.Madder….. the more the better…. and this collection has some unique designs…. I would be mad if you didn't get the madders…. thanks for askin'


  3. well, just lost my long comment. try againThe Winterthur John Hewson Collectionyes so unusal pieces.shirtings yes always shortmadder yes madder is so often a blender and these have some unique patterns…there was more thoughts but lost.why does blogger not play better with google reader… the bummer is now that I lost the comment….I will also have to sign back in and go to the beginning of my reading list and read later dozens….


  4. Just placed my Pre-order for some more Jo! Yummy!!! Boy I wanted some Comfort too…my pocketbook just isn't that big. Pooey!!!I'm liking General Wives the best!!


  5. Little Gatherings is my favorite to get next month. I would love to make a Bento Box quilt. Not sure when as I'm working on two right now. Love your websight. Keep up the good work!


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