New McCall’s Quilting Magazine

This little gem arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It’s the September/October 2011 issue of McCall’s Quilting magazine.  All I have to say is this – the Quilting Designer/Goddess’s of the world just need to stop coming up with all these great new quilts!  My “to do” list is already over the top already folks!
Here’s some eye candy for you:
This is “Scrap Sensation” by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith – you know the gals that own Homestead Hearth in Mexico, Missouri!  Awesome quilt ladies – I’m going to have to pull out my leftover half square triangles from other projects and get cracking on this one!
This is “Dresden Doilies”  love it !!! This is by Gerri Robinson and she even has kits available for it!
And this – oh – I’m loving that cheddar!  This is Album Patch and is a free download on McCalls website you can go and get that freebie here:
If you do not get this magazine – go grab a copy.  It’s worth every dime!  There is a gorgeous Jinny Beyer quilt pattern also – see:

4 thoughts on “New McCall’s Quilting Magazine”

  1. They all look wonderful! I'm with you – I don't need anything else on my bucket list – and part of that is YOUR fault – you are among those designer goddesses who keep tempting me with new patterns!


  2. Love them all! Regarding the pattern for the pillow I showed on my blog from Gotta Have It Designs…I can't find the website either. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything.


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