Strip Smart Book Tour – Book and Ruler GiveAway!!!!

Today’s my day on the grand book Tour!
Welcome and thank you for visiting if you are new to our blog – if you’ve been a faithful follower – thank you for coming back to see what crazy adventures I’m into right now!
Today was my day to play around with this quirky looking ruler:
I remember when this ruler first came out I thought to myself – how odd!  What in the world is that for! Me – not being a big gadget girl – passed it on by and thought, well we’ll see what comes of those rulers in “other” designers future projects.
Well, my girlfriend, Miss Kathy Brown has written a book using this nifty ruler and I got to give it a test run.  Yesterday, I played around with this:
And was able to cut these with such ease you wouldn’t believe it!
Talk about a cool ruler that’s easy to use and what a great book!
As for my favorite quilt project from the book, I think it’s this one:
It’s called “The Birds.
I like the cover quilt too!
The quilt on the cover is called “Fat Man’s Squeeze”
And if you would like to watch a YouTube video from a lecture she gave on the book you can go and view that here!
If you would like to learn more about Kathy and her new book  you can view her website here:
and her blog here:

And again, here is the line up for the Book Tour!  Please leave a comment here on our blog for today’s chance to win a copy of this brand new book that has just been released and the ruler!  Wow!!!  Miss Kathy will be drawing the names herself and announcing the winners, so jump in on the fun! (remember to follow along on the book tour and comment on each of our blogs on our given day for a chance to win!!!)
June 10 – Pam Vieirra McGinnis  – PamKitty Morning
June 11 – Laurie Simpson – Minnick and Simpson
June 12 – Tara Darr – Sew Unique Creations
June 13 – Joan Ford – Hummingbird Highway
June 14 – Linda Lum De Bono – Linda Lum De Bono
June 15 – Elizabeth Scott – Late Bloomer Quilts
June 16- Lissa Alexander – ModaLissa
June 17 – Vickie Eapen – Spun Sugar Quilts
June 18 – Camille Roskelley – Thimble Blossoms
June 19 – Debbie Field – Granola Girl Designs
If you’ve not been following along on the Book Tour – jump on in – you’ll be missing out on the chance to win the book, the ruler and maybe – just maybe some other goodies.  A little birdie from way down south has whispered in my ear and told me the “other” surprises are pretty cool too! 

Chat more later I’m off to pack for our upcoming adventure and good luck on winning the book and ruler!

277 thoughts on “Strip Smart Book Tour – Book and Ruler GiveAway!!!!”

  1. Thank you for all the links at the end of your post. This ruler looks very interesting. I would love to try it. The cover quilt on the book would be a great place to start! Sooo pretty!


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