A Little Bit Of My World…

While outside this morning watering my pretties in my garden, I took a few pictures to share with you!
Of course there is a quilt in the backyard decor today – this is an ebay find – a “stinky” one too!  I opened the box and the musty smell about knocked my socks off – outside it goes until it smells a bit better!  LOL
A bigger shot of the quilt “airing out”.  You can see my daughters flowers that she planted in the pots on the deck railing!

 Any suggestions for the above wheelbarrow?  It’s in a nice shady spot for most of the day and I need to get some good shade flowers planted there in the next few days!

 These crazy bushes shown above have over taken the side of my home – but they are so pretty when in bloom!  I need to cut these back this fall – big time!!!

 Our garden stone above that the kids and I made a few years ago!  Love this!

12 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of My World…”

  1. I love garden art. You could leave the wheelbarrow where it is and plant the flowers in it. I love your stinky quilt. How old do you think it is?


  2. Thanks for the garden tour. I always love seeing someone elses flowers. Impatiens work well in a shade garden, as, of course, do hostas. How unfortunate about the smell of that quilt. it looks like a beauty. Perhaps if you laid it over some lavender bushes it would help.


  3. Your flowers are beautiful! I would plant impatients in the wheelbarrow, that would look so good! Your \”stinky\” quilt is very striking, hope it smells better soon!


  4. Oh, love your 'stinky' quilt. Nice find! Your garden is lovely. You could use the wheelbarrow as garden art or a planter. In the winter, you could add Christmas greens, ribbon, a few lights? Winter gardens need art too!


  5. great quilt, can we see a full shot of itlooks like some great brown fabrics in there, ah nothing better then red and brown!nice garden…always looking for plants that do well in the shadeKathie


  6. A good washing ought to end the stinkiness if the air doesn't help! Oh – how about impatiens, begonias, coleus creeping jenny and creeping charlie in your wheelbarrow. Even a trailing fuschia! Your garden is absolutely splendid right now!Cheers!


  7. Would you mind a suggestion for a safe way to get rid of the smell in your quilt without washing it? There's a product called \”OdoBan\” (concentrated, not spray bottle) available at Home Depot. About $10 for a gallon and a tiny bit goes a long way. Put your quilt in a cardboard box. Put some Odo-ban on a piece of paper towel, then put that towel in a plastic bag (not sealed) and set it in the box with your quilt. Seal the box with packing tape, and let it all sit quietly for about a week. When you take it out, all smells should be gone. This is an old trick to get rid of musty smells found in antique books. Hope it helps!


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