Memorial Day Fabric Sale on our Website!

From now until midnight Monday May 30th, 2011 —– all fabric yardage on our website will be 25% off.  This sale is as follows:  (please read this – it will only take a few minutes and will save a lot of hassles!)

****** no coupon code needed – if it’s marked as on sale on our website – then it’s on sale – if it’s not marked – then it’s not on sale.

*****fabric “on the bolt” only and there is a 1/2 yard minimum cut on all yardage. If you order less than a 1/2 yard we will not fill that portion of your order and will email you to let you know.  If there is less than a 1/2 yard left “in-stock” – go ahead and order what is remaining.

***** all coupon codes have been “turned off” during this sale and will not be affective or usable until after the sale.  If you happen to order other items that are not on sale along with “on-sale fabric” – leave the coupon code in the “comments” section in the shopping cart and we will adjust the total of your invoice prior to charging your credit card.

***** the sale begins now at this moment and is null and void on any previous orders or pre-orders from this point forward.

***** DO NOT place pre-order fabrics on the same order with items in stock.  During this sale we will not “hold” items until everything is in stock – if you “pre-order” items along with a sale item – expect an email from us – you will have to pay separate shipping!

****** this sale excludes all clubs, fabric bundles, previously listed sale fabrics (you know, the fabrics that are showing under the “Sale Fabric” category on our website currently, notions, patterns, books etc.  Basically – if it’s not showing a sale price – then it’s not on sale.


And speaking of clubs:

The Cotton Club

This club is selling out very quickly.  We already have 1/2 of the memberships filled!  You have many options for this club – so sign up today.

I saw the actual quilt and fabrics while at Quilt Market last week – you will not regret signing up for this club!

(Here’s a little hint – if you want a really good deal on this quilt club – it’s cheaper to order the whole kit at once and be done with it!)

Click on the links above or the photo of the quilt to go directly to The Cotton Club page on our website.


****Just a little update – Crossroads to Texas fabric is still “on the boat” and en route to America.  Blue Hill predicts we should see this fabric the beginning of June.

***** I have been getting a tremendous amount of emails regarding pre-ordering the following fabric lines that are all due to arrive in July. (let’s just say for future reference – if the little pre-order button is not showing on our website – then it’s not available for pre-order yet.)

Dear Jane II – now up for Pre-Order

Sweet Emilie – now up for Pre-Order

Cotton Club – now up for Pre-Order


Sara’s Stash (this one I am waiting until Blue Hill can assure me that their will be no hold ups on this fabric line – so do not expect this one to be listed right away!)

Judie’s Nineteenth Century Backgrounds

Cocheco Mills III

Now – all these fabrics are due to arrive in July and no sooner.  July will be a very busy month for us.  We will be releasing these fabrics for pre-order soon – I have to get the images on the website, figure out the total costs on the bundles etc.  But it will be soon and definitely before we head out of town for the big NQA Quilt Show in Columbus Ohio in June!

**** A few things are changing in our neck of the woods.  We will only be receiving ONE fabric collection of each of the above listed fabric lines and no more.  So in other words – if you really want it – you better pre-order it – once it’s gone, we will not be getting anymore.  We sold out of all Carolina by Jo Morton bundles the week before it arrived – so yes the fabric sells quickly

****Also – please read all messages on each of the fabric pages.  If you are pre-ordering fabric and you order things that are already in stock – your entire order will be held until all items are in stock (with the exception of this sale that is running right now- you will pay separate shipping for pre-ordered fabrics if ordered on the same order form as sale fabrics —– please place separate orders!!!!!)

*****  Please remember – we are an Internet based business only and do not have a store front.  Please email us with any and all questions.  We are on the phone constant dealing with other things regarding our business and cannot answer every phone call that comes in – email – it’s a beautiful thing.


And finally – we have made the decision not to attend Houston Quilt Festival this fall.  My family and the time I spend with them is extremely important to me.  My son is starting high school this fall and my daughter will be moving into the middle school.  Many changes in their lives and I want to make sure I can devote more time to them and help with these school transitions.

Also – we just seem to keep hitting brick walls and coming upon obstacles with this show and one other one when trying to make arrangements for booth helpers, travel and travel expenses, hotel arrangements, vacation times etc.  So – my rule of thumb – if things become to difficult to manage – then it’s time to do away with something in your life.  Life is way to short to be stressed over things.

All this and the fact that I have some really big projects in my future have made me realize that I am only one person doing the job of 20 people.  It’s time to cut back and de-stress a little.

Amen to that!

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day!!

(oh – and almost forgot to mention – we will be out of town camping this weekend for Memorial Day and my son’s birthday.  We will not be available to respond to any emails or phone calls from this Friday through Memorial Day!)

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Fabric Sale on our Website!”

  1. I can understand slowing down, not worth the stress and I think it cuts into our creative ideas, when we are pushed to do too much for a deadline. I hope you have fun camping, I need to open our tent trailer and start cleaning it out.Debbie


  2. Your bok just looks great, I think I will have to visit your website and order it, I love your blog.Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog too.Happy stitchingChristine


  3. Dear Tara,Since a couple of blog posts something very strange has happened when I try to read your blog – 90% of the text looks like gibberish with strange signs and symbols. I've tried reading it in Google Reader but the same problem reappears. This post, for example, I can only read in the page for posting comments by hitting \”Show original post\” in the options. In the normal view I can only read the left and right side columns but not the middle one and even in those the titles for which you most probably use a different font are unreadable. I wonder what happened and is it only me who experiences this.Sorry for the long comment/complaint.


  4. Good for you-taking time for you and your family-nothing is more important. I hope you are at the MN Quilt Show next month – any chance? I always enjoy your patterns.


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