Quilt Shop Hopping in My Area

I did a lot of thinking today after reading a post on FaceBook this afternoon that really bothered me,  about yet another quilt shop closing it’s doors.  It seems a weekly topic, yet another good quilt shop closes for one reason or another.
This really bothers me!  We need our quilt shops to stay open! We need to be able to walk through those doors anytime we get the “urge” to enjoy these wonderful places.  I love to visit any quilt shop I can when I am traveling or when I just need to get out and about and have a day to myself to rejuvenate instead of staying indoors tending to my own business in my own little world!!  I need a quilt shop for fun and laughter and good old fashioned girl time.  
I save my loose change up in a special jar just to use when I get these “urges” to splurge, when I really do not need anything at all.  But I consider it “found” money when the jar gets full and I hop right over to the bank, cash it in for a few “green bucks” and go buy whatever catches my eye  at the quilt shop – sometimes with no project in mind!  It’s fun!
So here are a few quilt shops in my local area.  If you are ever “out and about” around here – I really recommend stopping at any of them.  Each has there own personal touches and I love them.  This of course is not a complete list of all we have here and I am certainly not promoting one over the other – this is simply a list of shops I’ve been to recently!
Here ya go – enjoy – visit their websites if they have one if you cannot come visit “my area” in person!!!
Robert’s Sewing Center  in Crest Hill, Illinois – this is the great shop I was able to have my very first book signing at a few weeks ago for our new book. They graciously welcomed me and the day was great!  Love this shop – love all the models hanging all around, they have wool goodies here too as well as every fabric imaginable!
Thimbles Quilt Shop in Lockport, Illinois- another goodie!!!! Love the gals that run this shop, they are so fun to be around!  Great older downtown location – and they have a wide assortment of fabrics!
A Touch Of Amish in Barrington, Illinois – this is where we were last week for another book signing!  Great group of gals there too!  Love the 2 old homes that have been “connected” and refurbished to create a wonderful shopping atmosphere! Reproduction fabrics galore as well as many other fabrics!
Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop in Fox River Grove, Illinois.  – I stopped at this lovely shop for the first time last week and it will not be the last time either!  Great shop in an old refurbished house and it’s filled to the brim with reproduction goodness!  They also have an excellent blog which you can find here.
And better yet – you know that Alice’s WashDay Blue’s Fabric that we all were eagerly awaiting?  Well, the gal that owns this shop designed that fabric and if you visit the shop website – the free pattern that accompanies that fabric can be found there!  Enjoy!
Next on our road trip last week was this gem:
The Quilt Merchant – ahhhh – love this shop.  Love it to pieces! Great atmosphere and a wonderful selection of fabrics of all kinds.  Wool goodies too!  If you are looking for Jo Morton – they have a ton – oldie but goodie prints and new prints!  Also – remember the Grace’s Dowry Shirtings fabric line?  Well this is home to the designer – Beth Fuller herself!  And a little “birdie” told me she will be having another line of fabric debuting this fall with Windham Fabrics so watch for it!
Here is there blog also!

Next up – well this shop isn’t really local to me – but I did visit it about a month ago when I went on my little adventure to Bloomington, Indiana for a quilt show!
The Back Door in Greenwood, Indiana – love this store.  Love it!  I “request” we stop here every time we are in that area once a year on our way to visit family in West Virginia!  My dear hubbie always makes time for my “special request”!  I remember one year when the kids were little and still in car seats, he made a special stop just for me and he stayed outside with the kiddos and entertained them and had a picnic lunch!  
This shop holds special memories for me because it was the very first shop that I ever visited years ago that carried just about all my wool pennyrug patterns and kits.  They had them all on display back then with the models and I just cried from excitement when I saw that display.  That really meant a lot to me and I’ll never forget that moment!
This shop is another great “go to” if you are looking for older Jo Morton fabrics (and all the new too!) – trust me – I picked up a few last month!!!!  Lots of gorgeous kits and lovely wool goodies too!
Here is their blog:
And last but not least for today.
On my way back from Bloomington, Indiana last month, I had to stop at The Treadle in Bloomington, Illinois (yes you read that correct – 2 Bloomingtons in one day – two different states!)  They do not have a website, nor a blog. But I feel they are worthy of mentioning.  It’s a treasure trove of older and newer fabric lines and a true shopping experience.
As I said before – this is not a complete list of shops in this area – only shops I have been to recently.  I’m not choosing one over the other – each has their own special qualities about them. I love each of them and want to support them in anyway I can.  Stop by their websites and enjoy – leave a comment on their blogs and say hi!  Go shopping at their stores!  If you do any of the above – make sure you tell them Tara from Sew Unique Creations sent you or Tara from Sew Unique Creations said “Hi” – I’m sure they would get a kick out of that!
I hope you enjoyed my little rambling post on my personal thoughts.  I urge you to support your local small business’s!
And if you are the owner of any of the quilt shop’s I mentioned on here today – you are special to me.  I enjoy your quilt shop and all you do and I hope you are around for many year’s to come – thank you for all your back breaking work and efforts.  Thank you for being in business and supporting my “habits” and designs also.  If you are an employee of one of these quilt shops – keep up the good work – we all appreciate you!  If you are a fan or supporter of any of these shops – keep on being a fan and supporter and let the owners know how much you enjoy them being there for you!
Have a great quilting day everyone – and maybe take a little trip out to your own local quilt shop today if you feel the urge!

6 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Hopping in My Area”

  1. How lovely to honour your local quilt shop businesses!!! I live in a small rural area and we have only one quilt shop locally, but it is the hub for local quilters. It would be a great loss to the local community if it ever closed!!!


  2. Nice of you to give recognition to your local quilt shops.It is very sad when I hear of a shop closing. I try so hard to frequent the ones in my area and state. I agree that we do need to keep them going. How said it would be to never have the privilege of heading into one of your local shops:(


  3. Very nice of you to give info about your local quilt shops. If you are in the Indianapolis area – stop at Quilts Plus. Reproductions and wool are their specialty too.


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