Simply Sixteenths Club

The Simply Sixteenths Club fabric packs are now up and running on the website!  For those that are members of the club, your fabrics will be shipping out tomorrow!  For everyone that doesn’t want to be part of a monthly club, but would like this fabric pack, we cut plenty and they are now available!
and this news flash just in!!!!

Thank you to my buddy Kathy Brown of The Teacher’s Pet for keeping me informed!  Our book is in the Top 20 best seller’s at one of the leading quilt shop distributors – Checker Distributors!

Yeahhhhh!!!  (If you just felt the earth suddenly move – please forgive me – I caused the earthquake from jumping up and down!  LOL)

Thank you Quilt Shops, thank you wonderful quilters and friends, thank you Checkers and all your awesome sales reps and thank you Kansas City Star! This has moved me to tears this afternoon!!!!  I am on cloud nine right now and cannot wait to tell my husband and kids.
And again – for everyone that is “local” please come visit us at “A Touch Of Amish Quilt Shop” in Barrington, Illinois tomorrow at 10am!  We’d love to meet you!  Here’s a little information that a friend sent to me:
Local Author!!!
will be at A Touch of Amish Quilt Shop
130 Applebee Street
Barrington, IL 60010 
on Friday, March 25, 2011
at 10:00 a.m. to
show and sign her new book with a Quilt TRUNK SHOW
the book is:
Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear
A Touch of Amish Sew Small Club invites one and all to attend.
Bring a friend !! 

2 thoughts on “Simply Sixteenths Club”

  1. So glad your book is doing so well, Tara. It really is a fabulous book. I've been looking at it everyday. I love the photos and the fabrics you used and have completed three projects so far. I think I'll make them all and then make them all again! Everyone in my family wants one.


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