19th Century Star Exhibits Quilts

Today – here is another fun and beautiful exhibit I had the opportunity to drool over and study while in Bloomington, Indiana for the quilt show last weekend!
This is the 19th Century Star Exhibit.  I did my best to photo graph each of the tags with explanations on them as I could – I hope they are all readable!

Slide show is first below and after that is the link to go directly to my webshots album!


10 thoughts on “19th Century Star Exhibits Quilts”

  1. You must have been in heaven on this trip of yours! Those are gorgeous, gorgeous quilts. I love looking closely at the hand quilting. I just loved this! Thank you!!


  2. Thanks for the preview – I am hoping to see these in another location this spring. How exciting! Looks like it was a good show.See you next weekend in Schererville!


  3. Thanks so much for the slideshow – one of the best collections I have ever seen! I'd love to make every one of them – and recognise so many of the much loved fabrics used 🙂


  4. I just loved looking at your pictures. Thanks so much for all the detail shots and close-ups of the fabrics. I don't get to see quilts like these where I live. What a wonderful show!


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