Wylie House Museum Quilt Exhibit!

Long time no chat!  Hello!

Last weekend I went to a quilt show in Bloomington, Indiana and had a wonderful time!  I have several photos to share with you and I’ve broken them down into smaller folders so that you will not have to spend days staring at them all!  LOL  I’ll do a few posts over time so you can see everything!
Today’s uploads will show you the best antique quilts on display I’ve seen in a long time.  These quilts were on display at the Wylie House Museum in Bloomington, Indiana.  Gorgeous house – even more gorgeous quilts!
Below is the slide show and no worries- if you do not like sitting watching a slide show and would rather click through the pictures at your own pace, the link to go directly to my webshots album is below the slide show!  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Wylie House Museum Quilt Exhibit!”

  1. The Cherry Basket quilt is my favorite. I like the way there is sashing between the blocks and that the quilt blocks are on point.And the red & white quilt. Fits right in with the theme of red & white that is showing up in Blogland right now.


  2. Or you can just click the next button on the video, like I did! lolI love places like that where I can imagine myself having lived during that time. I always say that I was born in the wrong era. I'm an old soul. Those are the kind of quilts I love so much. With all the new fangled tools and quilt designs out there, those kind of quilt in that museum are my favorites!


  3. The Wylie House puts on a great exhibit, don't they? Thanks for sharing them. It makes me feel like I made the trip there myself! Love those old quilts, and so many shows ignore them.


  4. What a wonderful slide-show, thankyou for putting this on your post! I thoroughly enjoyed it and the quilts are just gorgeous! The hand quilting is breath-taking! These are the sort of quilts I love most!!!


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