Book Signing Adventures!

It completely slipped my mind to post pictures of my book signing event this past weekend at my local quilt shop!
Here’s what I saw as I got near the quilt shop:
How cool is that sign?
Then here is where I sat for the morning – I did not have a chance to take a “before” picture – so this is the “after” picture.  The books sold out as well as a ton of other goodies!
Here are the quilts hanging up – such a cool way to hang them!
And here’s me – sitting at that awesome sewing table.  I would love to have one just like it!
If you would like to visit the quilt shops website you can click on this link:

3 thoughts on “Book Signing Adventures!”

  1. I love the book and your blog. Right up my alley! I've been looking for a correction and haven't found it anywhere, but I'm pretty sure the templates shown for the tumblers and pyramid quilts are wrong. it looks like, based on the final shapes and measurements, that the sewing lines should actually be the cutting lines.


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