A Little "Miss Rosie’s" Love to share

I’ve been brought to tears this morning – but in a good way!
Go see what my sweet friend Carrie – AKA – Miss Rosie’s is talking about today.  She’s having a really sweet give away on her blog just by answering a really fun question!  Look what she’s giving away!
My Book and this
Or this awesome book (which I bought and love and want to make every single quilt in this darn cute book!!!)
and this fabric
Yes my friends, it tickled me to death this morning to read her blog post.  I cried – very happy tears though!  I just cannot tell you how absolutely cool it is to see our book popping up on blogs.  I’m amazed and delighted and humbled.  It’s going to be a good day.
And just in case you missed the link above to read Miss Rosie’s Blog, here it is again:
Love and Hugs to each of you!

4 thoughts on “A Little "Miss Rosie’s" Love to share”

  1. I have been eyeing this book off just lately LOL, thankyou for the link and the possibility of being lucky in the giveaway, otherwise I may have to succumb and get a copy anyway!


  2. Just returned from a quilt retreat, on of the ladies had your wonderful book. Love it, and so did several others. Can we still order from you and get it signed? One of the ladies made a quilt from the book during the retreat…very nice little quilt!


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