Date Night With My Sewing Machine

OK, it’s really bad when you have to set up a “date night” with your sewing machine!  I’m not kidding – I’ve been so busy trying to get things ready for upcoming shows, packing orders and family stuff that yesterday I decided it was “Date Night With The Sewing Machine”.
This is what I did!  I’ve been tinkering with this idea in my head on how to do a pineapple block – but not have to do paper piecing.  I’m not a big fan of paper piecing – it’s a stretch when I use triangle paper even, it just drives me bonkers to have to tear off all those little bits of paper off!
Anyhow, I think the block turned out pretty well.  I want to sit and play around with this idea a little more. I used all pre-cut strips of fabric from our January fabric pack of the “Simply Strips Club”. 
Back to work for me, I’m itching to get playing around with some of the newest Jo Morton fabrics – Toasty and Luminarias – what fun! But first I have to get a few things ready for our book signing event at 

11 thoughts on “Date Night With My Sewing Machine”

  1. I know someone who uses wash away stablizer to do paper piecing blocks…there are pineapple rulers have you tried one of those.I agree tearing off the paper is a painthe block looks great!have fun sewing away tonight!Kathie


  2. I love the block! Looks wonderful. Have you tried Jodi Barrows square in a square? That kind of looks like that technique. But what do I know. I could be wrong.I hate paper piecing. And I also hate pulling the papers off. I know some people love it, but I'm not one of those! lolHave fun stitching!


  3. Hi Tara – love your pineapple! Of course, I can't say that I hate paper piecing – but I only like it for something tiny – it does seem like a waste of time for bigger blocks. I have Pineapple Rule by Great American Quilt Factory by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan. It's been a long time since I used it, but if I remember right, it worked pretty slick.


  4. I just quilted a pineapple block quilt…she had 5\” squares. They seem alot of work to piece but end result is so nice. Keep going!!!


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