I’m a big goober….

OK – wanna know why I think I’m a big goober today?  See that really cool feathered star pattern above?  This is the same block that we use in our logo and have been using for 3 years or so now!
Do you know how many people have asked me for this pattern?  It happens….. A Lot!!!!  At Shows, comments on this blog, through emails and even phone calls.
It’s not a block that I designed.  It’s a block from the Electric Quilt Programs.  I just picked a feathered star block I liked, tinkered with the colors and used it for my logo.
I’ve been meaning to do a pattern for the block and stitch it up into a little quilt because of the requests.
Well, (and here comes the “I crowned myself a goober today” part) – I’ve been sick this past week – nasty cold that just will not quit – so can I blame my “gooberishness” on this???? (is that even a word??).  I thought to myself this morning, I just do not have the energy to do anything, this cough is knocking the life out of me, my stomach muscles actually hurt from coughing!  This block popped into my head so I thought, ok – I’ll go tinker on the computer enlarge the block, pull some fabric and start hand-piecing this pretty little gem.  But wait……
Duh – Look at this…
This is the Smoky Mountain Stars Stamp set by Cindy Blackberg.  It’s the same block as my logo.
Duh….. big duh.  We carry these stamps and have for almost 2 months now.
I tell ya, it could have smacked me in the face with as many of these as we have sent out to people these past couple of months.
Well, I love Cindy’s stamps and plan to use them to make the above pictured quilt.
But I still plan on making our logo into a little quilt someday and offer it as a pattern.
Now that I’ve admitted to being the world’s largest goober today and have quit laughing at myself, I hope you enjoyed your chuckle over my silliness. ;O}
I’m off to sew, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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