2 Favorites in new Quilting Magazines!

Wow – do you not love this quilt?  This quilt is the reason I bought the new Quiltmaker magazine –  March/April 2011.  I really need to add this one to my to do list.  Absolutely wonderful!
Next up…..
Really like this one also, called Broken Dishes in the March/April 2011 issue of Fons & Porter magazine.
So much inspiration, so little time!

8 thoughts on “2 Favorites in new Quilting Magazines!”

  1. I folded my Quiltmaker open to that same quilt. I have enough of the right type fabrics in my stash to make it now I just need to find the time.My issue of F&P hasn't arrived yet but I really like the quilt you showed from it. Repros of antique quilts are my favorites.


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