Venturing out to the quilt shop…

Today I made a little trip out to my local quilt shop – had to drop off more of our books~!!!!  Plus, I had to pick up a few goodies of course!
This is one of the books that I’ve been wanting lately, the shop had it and I grabbed it quick!  It’s great – brimming with pretty quilts perfect for my scrappy taste buds!  Here’s a few of my favorites:

 To be honest with you – I like every quilt in this book!  Fun, Fun stuff!
Then I picked up these neat scissors:

After Miss Laura told me these scissors were super sharp all the way to the tip and that they had serrated edges – I was sold.  Had to get them and I just tested them out – I love them!  Definitely worth the money and a must have for your quilting tool box!  I love these little scissors so much, I just may have to order some to have in the booth for our upcoming quilt shows!!
Plus – they are going to be getting in the new Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley – had to order a pair of those too because I’ve just been hearing way to many good things about them!
And then last, but certainly not least, the one notion that has been on my list of things to get for awhile now, the Perfect Piecer by Jinny Beyer.

I love to hand piece and have been wanting this little tool for such a long time.  I must have never seen it before on my local quilt shops shelves, but it was there today!  Jinny Beyer is one of the quilters in the world that I would love to someday meet.  I admire her work and she is such a talented lady.  I recently pulled this book off my shelves and started browsing through it again:

Quiltmaking by hand written by Jinny Beyer – a must have book for your quilting library! Great pictures and I love reading all her tips!
Hope you are having a great week – I’m off to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and my new book.  Then I’m going to tinker around at the sewing machine tonight!

8 thoughts on “Venturing out to the quilt shop…”

  1. Wow, I have all of the above! LOLFantastic scissors on all counts. I have a few pairs of Karen Kay Buckley's and I love them. The Omnigrid's are some favs too.Love the perfect piecer and Jinny Beyer's book too!Have fun with your goodies 🙂


  2. Love that book!! It's full of the most beautiful projects. AND those Omnigrid scissors are the best. They are by far my favorites. You'll love them!


  3. That's a fabulous book – glad you like it. I'm smiling because I made \”Tool Shed\” for the book and it's one of your favs. woohoo!I've been wanting to handpiece a quilt but don't trust my skills. Maybe I need to invest in Jinny's book.


  4. The scrap basket book is on my wish list. I'm with you…not a bad one in the bunch! I never tire of seeing quilts made from/inspired by this book in blogland. Happy reading!


  5. The book is on my wishlist as well as your new book. Thanks for the review on the scissors, I will look for a pair next time I am out. Enjoy your hand piecing!


  6. I will have to keep those scissors in mind. I have also been wondering what people are saying about Karen Kay Buckley's new scissors, glad to here positive feedback. I will have to think about a pair of those. What is it about scissors, I can never have enough?I love Jinny Beyer books, all of them. I haven't bought myself a Perfect Piecer yet, but think about it whenever I am marking sewing lines. Hand piecing is what I love best and Jinny's book is excellent for improving your technique.


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