More Spool Blocks!

I’ve been able to get quite a few more spool blocks pieced for our “Spoolin’ Around Club”  These are just so fun to piece and I’m really enjoying using the template stamps, it saves so much time from the normal kind of quilting templates!
We were also able to get all the March Spoolin’ Around fabric packs cut and ready to go.  You see – I’m trying to make sure we work a month in advance to keep up with all you fun club members!  Plus, we’ve gotten so many gorgeous new fabrics in again – I just could not resist!
This weekend I will start stamping more spool blocks, cut them out and begin piecing them.
I am enjoying these quilt stamps so much and because we’ve had a few requests, we went ahead and order the stamps for the Basket Blocks also!  Those should be in later next week – so excited about these!  Cute aren’t they!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!  I’ll be packing orders and sewing this weekend and toss a little cooking in there too – we have a bunch of food to prepare for the big “Super Bowl” event this Sunday!  Chicken and Steak Fajitas, Nachos and a bunch of other goodies are on the menu!  Good times with friends are always welcome!

4 thoughts on “More Spool Blocks!”

  1. I am really loving the spool stamps and yes, it does make things easier and quicker.Those stamp blocks are cute. I will have to get in an order for those!Have a great weekend!


  2. Tara,Thanks so much for the Facebook tutorial via Pam Buda today. It's all new to me and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Just dropped by your site and fell in love with the spool blocks! What a clever way to mark the templates with your stamps. Need to check those out soon. Lynne


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