Winter Wonderland

Well, in my neck of the world today – everything is white for as far as you can see.  The storm last night was amazing, we had high winds, drifting heavy snow, thunder, lightening – you name it.  
This morning we awoke to plenty of white fluffy stuff and silence everywhere.  It’s kind of eerie to not see a vehicle moving and all you hear outside is silence, or the occasional emergency vehicle sirens.
After we plowed and shoveled ourselves out and helped the neighbors, we all started having a little fun in the snow.  Hey – why not, there is nothing else we can do!
Then we found out, my husband was going in to work.  They need guys to try to make it in to the terminal to clear out the snow.  No semi’s will be leaving tonight carrying freight at all – thank goodness, I did not want my husband to have to go out tonight in a semi pulling two trailers loaded full of freight.  He is now on his way into work to shovel snow – that is, if he can make it there!
So, send up a few prayers for my hubbie pictured above.  He made it out of the subdivision and he told me the roads are not as bad once he got out of our snow – filled subdivsion.  But he still has not made it to work you!
Stay in, Stay Warm and Quilt!

6 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

  1. our subdivision has only been plowed once. We got a total of 11 inches here north of St Louis. We made it into town (7 miles) and once we got out of the subdivision we were fine. Roads were clear and mostly dry..Good luck to your hubby getting there and back safe.


  2. A familiar scene, but I didn't hear the thundersnow that was predicted. That was a bit disappointing. The snow just stopped minutes ago; it was supposed to end around 3pm. Good luck to your husband. It sounds like he has lots of experience driving in all conditions. Now we settle in for the sub-zero temps that are fast approaching!


  3. We got dug out this morning…and like you, it turned into a community effort. Sad to say that it was the over 55 crowd that was out digging, and we managed to get 4 driveways cleared out. I don't think KC got hit nearly as bad as you did…scary pics on the news! Stay warm!


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